Can Ather be charged using other charging stations around the city?

Is Ather compatible with other charging sockets which are meant for other ev vehicles?


No - Ather has a customised connector. Can be fast charged only on Ather Grid. If the other EV grid has a wall socket, you could use your portable charge there.


Hope it is possible soon as now that they have opened their connector tech 3rd party companies can make use of it to get more charging stations.


If they have the same type 2 connector can we charge from tata Power ev station?

It is a totally different battery and voltage platform for ccs2 and scooters. The team thinks it is not practical to make a converter box for connecting between Ather and car chargers.

That’s why Ather has opened the charging tech for all.


Can u please place more grid so many people can travel without worrying


I wish it happened too! Hope the new grid makes it easier for Ather to install more grids. Do send a mail to the Ather grid team if you can get them a location from your list of contacts. Check website.

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