Buyback - Will buyback price be given if not opted for new version

Will there be any paperwork associated with buyback, when purchasing Ather 450x?

If I buy 450x and decide to not go for any other model of Ather after 3 years, will Ather return the buyback price (of course, as per the condition of the vehicle) in cash without any pre-conditions?

The dealer at Pune did not have information on the above questions and asked me to search in forum?

If there is no written agreement with the customer, relying on forums does not have any binding

Yep, you can just return the vehicle without a requirement to upgrade to the new version (if any). You can find more information in the post below, along with a link to the terms and conditions:

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Can we please get some written confirmation of the same… or atleast an email to the x owners confirming the buy back . I didn’t see anything in the invoice given at five of delivery.

Also how many years is the warranty?

It’s a 3 Year warranty on the battery as well as the scooter.