Buy Vs Lease Vs Loan


I agree with Rajesh here. So basically lease is very similar to getting the vehicle on loan just with better economics. When we take a vehicle or house on loan we don’t feel its on rent and enjoy the same ownership feeling as we would have if it was purchased with full payment upfront.
Lease just basically enables an additional option to return/upgrade to a better option more economically and easily after the tenure or one can continue to own the same vehicle even after lease.


Dont mean to be a pessimist, but one question on my mind is if the leasing company is capable of scaling up and handling the debt it will incur. i do not want to find out that they made some bad moves and are shutting down, leaving customers in a quandary.

The idea that i can let go of S450 for a newer model or another brand after 2/3 years and not worry about finding a buyer for my vehicle is very tempting though.

This is problem when one has a lot of options… just can’t make up my mind on whether to buy/lease!


Be rest assured that there won’t be any newer model of Ather in next 3 to 4 years. For them to reach PAN India it is not enough time. They might even scrap the 340 variant as it makes no sense from price point (though technically they are one single model with range limitations applied to 340 by software control) . Also no other company has anything close to what ather has in offer in terms of quality of build and performance.

Higher capacity model/battery is the only thing one should look forward but again as they grow with sales numbers the grid would have caught up and suffice that worry. But it is always comforting to have longer range by default though.

Prices of EV are not going down anytime soon too, the metal parts only see increasing price with time. No reason to think that EV scooter price will come down.


As much as i like the Ather brand, i am not going to restrict myself to their products. Honda has a eScooter lined up, there are other startups that are also lining up launches. The challenge that all ev startups have had, in addition to ev myths about speed and reliability, is the lack of an ev ecosystem. That ecosystem is being built now and there is definitely a push from the industry, govt and public. Prices will go down when battery technology evolves and manufacturing is setup locally. These are very early stages but i see EV’s driving a sort of social & tech revolution in the coming years.

Remember the days of Nokia? Then HP & HTC came out with touchscreens yet adoption was poor and then we had apple storming the market with their iPhone. Smartphones have since changed the way connects and disperses information.

i am looking forward to that that unicorn that will storm the market and create that disruptive change to the ecosystem. And i hope Ather will lead that pack in India.


Ok. So my wife got pissed with all the thinking i was doing and paid the entire amount online!. Now, the question is about Insurance. I can’t seem to find Ather listed as a manufacturer in most of the insurance sites. Has anyone tried buying insurance seperately?. If which provided did you go for?


Try Digit Insurance
Visit godigit website


Autovert has partnered with godigit to provide insurance. In effect, they are the same.


What’s the price difference??


Autovert = GoDigit. Its the same product, only that Autovert is offering it using GoDigits licence to operate under IRDA regulations.

I am more interested in the provider than the price. I’ve had a good experience with BhartiAXA for a car accident claim so was interesting in taking out a policy for 450 with them.


Happy Women’s day. Almost same story.

About insurance, i did try to search a bit. Could not find ather listed anywhere but digit.

As autovert is giving the insurance via digit and there was no difference in the prices. I got it from autovert.

Also in comparison to similarly price bike’s insurance premium was close to the cost quoted by autovert.


INR 20k discount on 2-wheelers priced upto 1.5L for the next 3 years.


Notification says 10k per Kwh. But news says 20k. I think news article will correct it casually later…

Anyway after lot of hype and postponing Fame 2 for 3 years, the impact to electric two wheelers is hardly a change in subsidy.

The indirect benefit in terms of charging infrastructure can be there though.


Our media is in so much hurry that they don’t even do small homework or calculation before publishing a story.

The govt notification took an example of 2 Kwh two wheeler for which the subsidy was calculated as 20k.

But obviously our media published it as flat 20k for two wheelers.


Do we have the data on how many ather scooters till date is taken on lease? Just curious.


Think reimbursement cost not calculated (deduction) in total ownership cost :slight_smile:


You don’t have to include that in your calculation because you are going to pay it in your electricity bill…


You are right… But then reimbursement is applicable only if one chooses Ather One plan. From second year onwards, we all need to pick one that suits best.


Why is the cost of ownership when bought in full cash higher for 3 years Compared to the owning on Lease for 3 years??
full cash cost should be the best option right??
What is the catch here that i am missing out??


Ather One subscription & insurance is factored in to the lease cost. However in a full cash buy out option these are over and above the cost of the bike after the first year.


Reason for this high number in ownership is because of the following:

  1. Initial Capital is high (higher than lease down payment)
  2. Interest on capital cost is to be considered.
  3. Insurance from 2nd year is accountable.
  4. Ather ONE cost is extra from 2nd year.

However if you plan to own beyond 3 years, then of course owning is much cheaper compared to lease.