Building a better FAQ section

I see the forum already has a FAQ section, can we build something more comprehensive based on the activity here over the past few months? Would help to avoid repeat queries and anxiety for pre order and interested folks!


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Thank you for pointing this out. I was all set to start a series of FAQ posts just so that other threads are not cluttered with the same questions.

@Shreyas. I think you should take the lead on this by a list of FAQ for the buying/financing process.

Post delivery FAQs, am pretty sure owners can chip-in with responses. You could probably make this a closed group so folks don’t post questions here and convert this into another unwieldy thread.


Yeah, I agree. I think we can start with a few questions around charging, what are the various service plans available etc.

Another suggestion is to make sure that the FAQs are shown first to anyone joining the forum and after reading through, they unlock the other sections.


The FAQ should be a wiki post that trusted members can edit.
An admin can set this up.

Discourse(the Forum tool this site uses) supports wiki posts.

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Dear All, finally time has come for FAQs Page creation. We are ready with skeleton on how FAQ Category should look like with sections and subsections. Now, lets all join our hands and build this section. Note, some of the basics.

  1. We shall use this thread in the forum to elicit the questions, answers and seeking the feedback.
  2. FAQs Category will be READ ONLY section. This is to keep the sanity and focus.
  3. However this category will be open to anyone to read and will be able to use the link to refer.
  4. Some of you will be contacted or you may volunteer to help to build the FAQs section.
  5. In the meanwhile, we appreciate your help in flagging the FAQ questions and answers which are already there in the forum. You may flag as shown below.

Followed by flagging as below

NOTE, this is community work and counting all your help to build


Can have the process of delivery with screenshots in FAQ section.

From the beginning when the pre-order is done how the screen looks then the next steps how the screen changes as and when the time progress till delivery.

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Good question and much required. Some of the ‘want’ sections are beyond the reach of ‘moderator’. While I agree fully on your demand, lets solicit from Ather separately. Our first and foremost task is to build FAQs category with already answered questions so that we ‘veterans’ need not spend time in answering the same questions. Shall we?


Sure done deal… :+1: