BSNL Sim Swap

Recently took my ather for the Sim Swap from Vodafone 3G to BSNL 3G, After delivery of my Vehicle, there’s no network in the dashboard and I’m unable to use the map and other connectivity features.

Please call Support to log a service request. Knowing how temperamental BSNL 3G can be, you might have the unfortunate circumstance of being in a Cell black spot!.


Even I got the Sim Swap and they clearly told Me that the SIM will get activated only after 3 Days! Didint they inform you about the same?

Hi Varun,

No man no information was given, when I asked the service guy there he said to connect to the charger and you’ll get the network. After calling the Ather Team today, came to know that it take 24 - 48 hrs for sim to get activated.

I would suggest people to not go for Sim Swap, better use the Vodafone 2G atleast you’ll get some connectivity.

In my case, after SIM swap the mobile app is syncing but the recent rides are not getting updated.

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How much time did it take to swap the sim?

It took 8 hrs, Gave it to them at 11:00 am, got it back by 7pm. But you yourself would have to pick and drop, and you need to book an appointment for the swap.

It’s too much time!

Now is it working correctly??

Not yet, Customer Care have a raised a complaint regarding it. It’ll take 1-2 days more to know what the problem is. Either the sim was not installed properly or BSNL sucks in Chennai!

Hi bro…myself and friend Swapped our Scooter SIM last week at AS Chennai. We gave our vehicles at 10am and received a call back at 2pm itself after ready. There was Full signal in scooter while receiving it from AS itself, no delays. We are using it past few days and there is NO problems in Bsnl signal strength/speed. It may differ according to area but the new network is Similar to Vodafone 3G as per our usage report.

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Got it checked by Ather service team before few days, they picked it up from my home and got the issue fixed in few hours.

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