Bright headlight

The Ather 450x which currently has the existing headlight does not project a high intensity brightness needed on roads which have bad lighting. Is it possible that Ather can make a higher intensity headlight or is it available in after market @abhishek.balaji


I have turned it into a Feature request, This way Ather will know what a Consumer wants, If it gets maximum votes Ather might consider it in a future upgrade, Remember this is a Hardware requirement and cannot be done via software upgrade.

PS: No light available in the market supports the Voltage system on Ather, also it will void the warranty.


How can i upvote this? I think this should be one of the top priority item as current headlight intensity is too low.


Click on Vote below the number right next to the topic name, then you will see the count change


As a temporary fix, I’ve thought of using the decathlon cycle lights. (The one with the band that wraps around the handlebar). Having trouble finding a good placement for it.


I think that the lights on the Ather are very bad, and definitely need better ones, the high beam points at the trees and never on the road. This definitely needs a change. @abhishek.balaji

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Hi Aditya, welcome back!

The beam throw can be adjusted to your preferred height at the service center. Mine was too low for my liking but normal for many others who looked at it. I got it adjusted in just 15 minutes.

(Shout out to Kochi EC and service manager)