Brake jam

Hi everyone… Does any1 face disc pad jam wen we keep bike idle for one or few days… I am facing this issue many times … But due to my urgent work in daily life i can’t take this issue to ather each time… instead of this I use to handle this at local two wheeler mechanic… Now agn it happens… the issue is that front disc one cyclinder gets jam and I need to clean Nd put back agn …

Try cleaning the disc often with soapy water maybe often road dust or mud gets stuck on discs if problem still persists try contacting CC maybe you have a bad brake caliper

I got this problem 3 days back. Gave ather 450 for service - informed them of the front cable brushing against the body of the vehicle (known issue) - they mentioned they had fixed it and returned the vehicle. After traveling for a few kilometers, the front brake just got stuck. Finally, they towed it workshop today.