Bombay to Pune

Facing terrible issues with the navigation post 10.1.5 beta update. The bike went offline and I couldn’t force restart it. Hoping it comes back online in a few mins.


@abhishek.balaji can I get some help here please? I am leaving to Khandala in 15 mins. Navigation is must.

The dashboard shows that the network coverage is poor. Maybe you can try moving a bit ahead, you may get good network. I have experienced bad navigation when the network isn’t great.


Am back online. Off to Khandala. Map is back and is working great. :blush:




Ok. Charging challenges faced. (Facepalm)

  • frequent power cuts at this dhaba in Panvel
  • owner not exactly happy about letting me charge. Feels I am going to suck all the electricity. He has been looking at me suspiciously.
  • to keep him happy, I keep ordering more food, soft drinks and cigarettes. Damn…! :man_facepalming:
  • no option to move to another dhaba as I am kinda tired
  • costed me 30-40 mins more
  • let me see how much the total bill will be. LOL

Don’t overeat,you may fall asleep :joy::joy::raised_hands:. Better praise the taste of the food and service and leave asap:)


I don’t think I can ever do this again. :sweat_smile: In desperation & due to range anxiety, I asked the guy at the public toilet in Turbhe to let me charge for 30 mims. I paid him rs. 20.

I am laughing now but it was so embarrassing. He kept saying “sir wahaan pe mat khade raho, ladies toilet hai…”:man_facepalming::sweat_smile:

What is the weirdest place you had to charge?


You should have asked at a better place maybe (a chai tapri) but damn hilarious experience,"wahaan pe math kadhe raho sir ladies toilet he":rofl::rofl: Nice to see that TARUN keeps checking on forums and likes many posts too:)

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Would love to know how this went :slight_smile:

Khopoli has a charging station - Kothari Brothers - they have a AC fast charger for cars and a Wall socket - they charge ₹20/unit.

We need an update for Mumbai Pune ride route options. Is this info current?

  1. Mumbai exit - Nerul: We have a couple of Ather Grids in Nerul to top up
  2. Khopoli: Kothari Brother Charging station (and any others?) in Khopoli - wall socket slow charge
  3. Khandala / Lonavala: Smoky Mountains
  4. Pune entry - Wakad / Aundh Ather Grids

I am planning a ride to Pune again next month. Will try to aim 10 hrs. Last time it took me ~12 hrs (Virar - Kharadi ~220 kms)

Nerul will help a lot.