Bombay to Pune

Didn’t read the full thread here…but if you guys need anything from me…please reach out…and btb enjoy the ride…most important :metal::peace_symbol:

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Is this trip this weekend (today and tomorrow) or the next one?

Alright. Here are the stats so far: Started at: 9.30 am SoC: 100% Estimated range in ride mode: 70kms

First stop: BMC Basement Parking, Ather Grid, Mulund West Distance travelled: 54.5 kms Range left: 30 kms Total range received: 84.5 kms

Next stop: Khandala Ghat or Khopoli (will see) Total distance : 80kms


Make sure to charge fully in Khopoli, before starting the ghat, it’s too steep. Take from my experience, you will need 3 times the battery per ghat km compared to straight road.


We are craving for updates!!!

I had to stop before Khandala. Super hungry. Dont know where I am now but Khandala is 38 kms away & am eating. Night fury is slurping electrons too.:grinning::blush:


share some nature views too :national_park:

Keep us updated of the trip . Are you at smoky mountains now? Did they charge you 350!!?

Reached smoky mountains (next to Khandala motor garage) with 19kms left. :blush:… thanks for your advice. The 45 mins charging break at the dhaba helped me.


Reached Pune nearly after 12 hrs​:grinning: (3 hrs charge time in Khandala :sweat_smile::man_facepalming:) … I think its not too bad. Loved the stretch in the evening from Khandala. Drove 60 kms non stop. No map resets, no dashboard restarts. Not even once. I think it goes crazyy when its too hot outside. @tarun please install one Ather grid in Khandala or wherever you feel like to make the journey from Bombay to Pune a real fun for most of us. Simply loved it. :heart::heart_eyes: Will go sleep now.


Glad man. Happy that you reached safe and sound. Finally thanks for all the updates :slight_smile: Take rest now.

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They did not. I am so glad. The place is a chikky & general store. The owner is a nice uncle & an EV enthusiast. Loved talking to him on EVs, fame subsidy, politics, etc. He charged me rs. 100 for 3 hrs. God bless him. :blush:


100 is a lot as even the dc fast charger’s charges are around 20rs per kW of consumption but nevertheless it’s good that he is offering one !

Would have loved more photos and complete ride statistics or the kms you achieved compared to the estimated figure,your riding style , anythings to keep in mind This will be helpful for enthusiasts who are planning such ev rides!


Ride stats please! Especially over that hilly terrain.




Sure will put up a write up tomorrow. You can follow me here:

Efficiency figures :joy::joy: Ghats consume a lot a lot of power and battery SoC.

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Unbelievable.!! That’s a lot.

Hi @rajkumar.mishra2010 Smoky Mountains guy is crazy with his rates. But bargain!

My recommendation is to visit the - Trinetra Petrol pump - which is also on the app look for Lonavala Community charge point for location.

The Mumbai-Pune electric car community has been using that for 5+ years.

Opps u already visited. Oh well glad u met the Allaudin and enjoyed the magic carpet :slight_smile:


Alright, on my way back to Bombay (220 kms) Started at 7 am from Kharadi, Pune First stop: Copa Cabana, Wakad, Ather grid Distance travelled: 24 kms SoC on arrival: 79% Total charge time: 45 mins (15 mins to charge)

Alright, reached Smoky Mountains, next to Khandala Motor Garage Distance travelled: 60kms Time reached: 10 am SoC on arrival: 27% Total charge time: 1.5 hrs (to 55%) Time left: 11.30 am Will finish some office work :blush:

Alright, 3rd stop Some dhaba in Panvel bypass SoC on arrival: 20% Time reached: 1 pm Distance travelled: 40 kms Total charge time: 1.5 hrs Will have lunch here.

Left Panvel dhaba with 38 kms range left & had 48 kms to reach Mulund, Ather grid. Power cuts at the dhaba tested my patience & I decided to leave & charge again somewhere when I had 10 kms left. Asked a few stores but they denied. A public toilet was the last option. It was so embarrassing but nevertheless I got the precious electrons. Charged their for 20 mins.

4th stop: Mulund West, Ather grid SoC on arrival: 5% Total distance travelled: 48 kms Charge time: 50 mins (to 83%). FC feels sooo good.

Travelled another 55 kms to reach home with 16 kms left. Phew…! Will I do this again? NO…! :joy:

So, total hrs spent to reach Virar from Pune: 12 hrs :upside_down_face::man_facepalming: