Bombay to Pune

I am planning to travel to Pune this weekend from Virar (Bombay). It will be ~220 kms one way. Here are the charging stops I have planned. Think its possible to make it to Pune? :crossed_fingers: Mostly in Ride mode. First stop: Runwal Anthurium, Ather Grid, Mulund. SoC on arrival: ~25% Distance travelled: ~53 kms Charging time: 1 hour Charging Cost: Free

Second stop Smoky Mountains, Khandala Ghat view SoC on arrival: < 10% Distance travelled: ~80 kms Charging time: 3 hrs Charging Cost: ~Rs. 350

Third stop: Copa Cabana, Ather Grid, Wakad, Pune SoC on arrival: 20-30% Distance travelled: ~60 kms Charging time: 1 hour Charging cost: Free

Fourth stop: Kharadi, Pune Distance travelled: 25 kms

Total time taken for the one way journey including the charging stops: ~10 hrs

Phew!! I guess it will be super fun. Will update this post with actual real numbers next week. Let’s see how much will be the variance.


Why so costly


Excited to know how it goes. You won’t feel tired, the scenery is too good during monsoon on this route.

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You need to charge your bike fully in Khopoli before starting the ghat, in ghats you need almost 3 times the charge as compared to straight road for same distance.

We Pune people have travelled to Sinhagad, Lavasa city, Bopdev ghats, experiencing this, we are sure that EVs drain the most in uphill regions.


Are you sure if you are fast charging a scooter or a car there?

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True. I might end up charging before hitting the ghats. Also, hoping the range will not impact much as I ride down the hill reaching Wakad. I am a bit nervous. :grinning:

Smoky mountains community charger is quite expensive. I will be there for the first time. Hoping its not quite as expensive as mentioned in the Source: reCharge India app

Be prepared to charge in between if the charge goes down more than expected in the ghats. Shopkeepers/roadside dhaba/restaurants usually give access to charging points. Don’t forget to carry a good quality extension board with you.

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What about carrying an earthing kit,is it even required with the 450x portable charger?

Check better alternatives on plugshare,the 350rs cost is on topping up your electric car to the brim with a 15amp socket ,for sure.

It’s good to carry an earthing kit as well. You can check this post where @Abhishek found that he couldn’t charge while on a long drive due to lack of earthing:

You can read his travelogue as well, it will give you good idea about what kind of battery drop to expect in ghat sections.

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Abhisek’s is ather 450 and I am not very sure if earthing is required to charge a 450x too,on asking him he said the 450x chargers should do fine without earthing

There won’t be any earthing issue since there is no onboard charger in 450x, the portable charger works fine without proper grounding, I have checked it myself in my office where there is no grounding

@georgekuruppan can probably help with his experience Riding Ather 450 from Bangalore to Kochi

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That’s a relief but charging time of 450x makes it a bit difficult to travel far as the charging time is far higher than that of 450

Maybe this could help


Yes that’s correct I have used new portable charger between Delhi to HP and didn’t faced any earthing issues. Having charged at any ad-hoc tyre puncture shops…


umm thats for complete installing for EV, I cannot see any use while travelling Just a proper extension box of at least 15mtrs will work perfectly

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Ok so I checked, and earthing is not mandatory for 450X portable charger.

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  • portable charger - checked
  • 5 mtrs extension board - checked
  • helmet - checked
  • gloves - checked
  • rain jacket - checked
  • tyre pressure - checked
  • engine oil - wthis that? :sweat_smile::stuck_out_tongue:
  • covid negative - checked
  • breaks working? - checked
  • patience level - will see :grinning:
  • wife’s nod - checked

the last one is pretty important :zipper_mouth_face: