Bombay to Alibaug with a pillion

Alright, I have managed to convince myself (and my wife) to travel from Bombay to Alibaug (150 kms) this Saturday on my Series 1. Here is the planned route, charging stops & total travel time: First stop: BMC parking space, Ather Grid, Mulund West Total distance travelled: 55 kms SoC on arrival: ~30% (20 kms left) Total charging time: 60-75 mins to 100% (70-75 kms range) Total time to reach & spent here: 2 hrs 45 mins

Second stop: Some dhaba near Karnala Bird Sanctuary Total distance travelled: ~50 kms SoC on arrival: ~30% (20 kms left) Total charging time: 90-120 mins to 80% (55-60 kms) Total time to reach & spent here: ~ 3 hrs

Third stop: Hotel in Alibaug Total distance travelled: 50kms SoC on arrival: 5-10% Total time to reach: 1 hr

Total time taken to reach Alibaug from Bombay: 7 hrs

I wont be relying a lot on Ather’s navigation to save time. I wasted too much time due to map resets on my trip to Pune (~30 mins)


This might come in Handy


Wow that’s amazing. Even I am planning the same but I would take the RoRo!


In my opinion, this is a wonderful trip. despite the extra time spent, you still had a wonderful time.

Postponed to this weekend due to heavy rains here in Bombay. :confused:

thanks for the awesome information.