Bluetooth and 4G LTE - What's the deal?

Yeah, very likely. This consistency might also help avoid confusions like these in the future:

I am having an issue with the Bluetooth call feature. I am able to see the call with the contact name on the dashboard. However when I try the power+left indicator to pick the call, I can see the animation of the call being picked but the call does not get picked. I even tried to pick the call using the dash when the vehicle is stationary.

The music feature works well on my bike. I can play, pause and skip tracks with ease.

I have an Asus 6z phone running Android 11. I have enabled all permission requested by Ather app.

Is anyone else having this issue? What is the solution?


I too have this issue… I’m having OnePlus 6t @abhishek.balaji

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What helmet are you using? Am eager to try out a non Ather smart helmet. :blush:

How do you listen to music? Are you using wired earphones?

I use my Bluetooth earbuds.

This issue that I reported was from several months back. Now there is no issue for music and calls.

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Are Bluetooth ear buds comfortable while wearing helmet? Are there any smart helmets which have small speakers inside them so that we can hear music as well as the outside traffic noise?

You can install Sena 20S or above or Cardo to your helmet


I use Jabra 75t. This has a very small profile outside the ear, so it is comfortable with Ather helmet (not a full face one). It also has a hear through mode which allows to hear traffic noise comfortably.


Does using Bluetooth connection require any minimum battery level? I tried connecting my 450X and Bluetooth while my earphones already paired to my phone, I could not. I have generally faced issue with Bluetooth. But have managed to connect it once/twice. Then I wasn’t able to change track nor answer a call.

Is it not illegal to use bluetooth sets to take calls while driving/riding? i think MV Act prohibits use of such accessories. Please clarify.

I am facing issue in connecting the bluetooth on my scooter. Below are the details.

  1. While I click on the option Pair With your Scooter on the App it keeps finding won’t connect to the scooter. Screenshot attached.

  2. When I manually go to my mobile bluetooth settings and try to pair a new device, it does show there and gets connected, however if I come back to App and check it is still same. Keeps finding and does not connect to my Scooter. Screenshot attached

Not showing popup music or call notifications on ather dashboard …what should i do

Help me my phone connect to ather but its not showing popup calls or music

It could be that the app has no access to “notifications” if it is Android. Try giving that access manually.

Not sure how it works if it is iOS.

Same problem am facing last 2 months . They have took my scooter updated software and returned back.

Before taking scooter delivery I clearly asked to service team , they told it’s working …If any problems again raise complaint . Like that he told.

But after receiving scooter there is no changes …

Still am facing same issue and again I raised complaint