Bluetooth and 4G LTE - What's the deal?

I’m fed up ! This bluetooth update wasn’t even showing up on my scooter after installing it, had to reboot it to 10 times to work that update. Now I’m not able to receive or reject calls.

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You should get the update in the next couple of days.

iOS doesn’t require the app to let you connect to the 450X dashboard. please check the instructions here to pair: Internal updates - Ather 450X & 450 Plus

When does a new ather 450x get a Bluetooth function

How does one receive call with helmet ? Does it connect with iPhone and AirPods ? I tried wearing AirPods today call could not be seen on dash board and couldn’t connect

How did you connect to receive call ?

Ather connects to phone, phone connects to airpods. Ather will enable an action for an incoming call. One can attend or reject a call on the dashboard. If attended, the call is connected via pod. It is pretty similar to the smart watch notifications.

Have you connected phone with Ather?

Yes I did both airpods and Ather were connected to iPhone but couldn’t see any notification on dash board to receive call

Please verify the above.

It is turned off. In the settings. The day I got update I paired and saw the notification on dash board but then the vehicle was parked and on stand. But today tired with AirPods it didn’t work

I haven’t tried call feature yet! Will update u once i do. Music was seamless tho!

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Facing the same issues.

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Try unpairing and re-pair. Must be a lost connection. Bluetooth is the best for iOS users. Android users need to connect from app. iOS connects directly. It should be a connection issue. If it doesn’t connect, raise a ticket on the app.

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Finally I got Bluetooth update today morning. It was not really easy to connect from app. I did lot of trial/restart/reset to connect via app but not succeeded. After 1 hour of exercise I tried connection via directly from mobile Bluetooth fortunately it got connected… Now working good…

I couldnt wait for the Ather bluetooth helmet launch. I went for this instead. Found it useful


Can we sync app and vehicle via bluetooth instead of data collection? @abhishek.balaji

I have noticed that real-time efficiency works 10 seconds delayed after this software update. Upon asking tech team, i got to know that they have changed the algorithm and now it collects data and it displays on the screen after it has 10-sec buffer data. So does it now always display efficiency of 10 seconds earlier moment and not real data like before? @abhishek.balaji

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They better remove that feature in that case and provide that data in Monthly Ride log than giving false indications during ride which adds confusion to distraction. It’s not REAL-TIME anymore and that feature can be striked off the SMART FEATURES Ather lists in the specs.

As far as I remember it was always like that. It shows the average efficiency of last 10 seconds.

Multiple people voted for a feature request to make it realtime or reduce that period from 10 seconds to lower like 3 seconds.

But, no update on any progress on that.

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I think the latest OTA update post on the Forum had a point confirming this.

Specifically, this line:

Other improvements and fixes:

  • Real-time efficiency indicator will now consider the efficiency of the last 10 seconds of riding, rather than throttle input for more accurate feedback about your riding style

Is this what you were checking?


For Ather 450, the efficiency indicator was always using 10 second average.

From what you pointed, I think Ather 450X and 450 Plus, it was using Throttle Input initially and later changed to 10-second average, to be in-line with Ather 450.

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Yeah, very likely. This consistency might also help avoid confusions like these in the future: