Beta testing for Dashboard Navigation

I have noticed auto indicator working more consistently now.

Before there were attempts where you would press the indicator, but it would not engage for more than a second.

Only thing is, if possible, have hazards enabled even when moving forward in Park Assist. I had to push my scooter few kms while riding in park assist cuz my belt broke, and having no hazard lights when I was a hazard was scary :skull:

Maps works incredibly well in the main city market area, going through tiny roads for 2-wheelers to save time is nice


Oc 2.0 is broken. It doesn’t charge till 100%


@smridhi.kalati Havent got the beta yet is the program full and no more users are getting the OTA ?

Im still having navigatin issues my location is goa however it still shows in some other the state this happens only during restatring the bike this was not the case before…

That’s Karnataka.


Well i stay in goa so the map is showing wrong location

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Yes lot of people had the same issue when they received 5.9 update.

Optimised Charging was working fine for me initially, but now I think there was a botched update for the charger (the yellow light kept blinking and scooter didn’t detect charger), I turned the charger off and on, and now it seems to get stuck at 50% when charging overnight.

It charged to ~50% two days in a row and I had to remove and add it for charging again ¯⁠\⁠_⁠(⁠ツ⁠)⁠_⁠/⁠¯

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Same exact thing is happening to me. Hope its fixed soon

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Wait why dose it say it’s unlocked??? Maybe that’s the issue

Charger wasn’t properly attached tbh, but the same issue was also yesterday night so I doubt that was the culprit. Pushing it in didn’t really change anything, even turning key on and off didn’t restart charging.

I removed the handle and switched the charger off and on, and then it began charging

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It’s an issue with the latest Atherstack. Very easily can be replicated. They’ve botched OC 2.0 and it stops at 50% or 80% and never resumes.

Turning the wall outlet switch on and off will resume the charging.

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I also faced the same issue