Beta testing for Dashboard Navigation

Got the update (5.10) yesterday night.

My Observations -

→ Movement detection lights are working but notification alert on app is still a hit or a miss.

→ I think there is a BUG. The motor starts or stays on , even if the side stand is down.


My observations -

Optimising charging 2.0 not working efficiently, it gets stuck at 50% charging and doesn’t charge later…

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(post deleted by author)

@aloysiusdesouza11 @sanathreddysudha @srivatsabs24 We are here for your support and would like to help you out with this. For further assistance, we request you share your registered mobile number and vehicle details via DM and we’ll look into this right away.

No matter what location I put (locations in and around Mumbai), it keeps navigating to a location in Bangalore.

Today morning all the icons, eg. fullscreen, home, live traffic, etc were missing on the maps page, so I could just see the map but wasn’t able to do anything.

Does the motor stay on indefinitely or just a little bit??

Indefinitely. I tried resetting but the problem is still there.

Do you see the side stand notification on the screen if not then it’s a sensor issue.

Tho I feel they should have this as a just for fun mode where you put it on side stand and do donuts.

After the update , I started charging at 6:30PM and till 10PM it charged my scooter till 50% and stopped , Then it started charging late midnight and finishes till 5:00am and this is how it should work i guess


There is no indication when I put on the stand when the motor is on and as I said the motor stays on. While the kill switch is off it shows the stand indication. This problem is only after the update. Earlier it was working fine.

Optimize charging doesnt work, it is charging at fast rate it doesnt pause like before.

Seems like it’s isolated to only your scooter. If it came with the update I guess you can wait for the next update or go to the SC and get a downgrade…


I have filled the form but did not get the update :thinking:

As per my observation, If the vehicle is still and stand is engaged the motor is turned off, if the vehicle is moving and stand engaged, it shows stand signal on dashboard but doesn’t kill motor unless you go to a full stop with the stand being engaged.

Kill switch kills the motor instantly and you will have to go to full stop to turn the motor back on using brake and start button combo.


Optimised charging 2.0 has stopped working for me and has reverted back to 1.0 by stopping charge at 80%soc. Anyone else on 5.10 experiencing same ?


For me also optimized charging stopped working However it directly goes to 100% doesnt even stop at 85% Its like the optimize chraging has never been toggled

I also faced the same issue

I had issues with theft and fall detection. There were no alerts even after multiple resets

Yours is working it stops at 80% mine doesnt even stop it goes to 100%