Beta testing for Dashboard Navigation

5.9 was not officially announced

Well Today is the 19th can’t see any update yet.


Ather dont break promised dates like ola did

Just received Stack 5.10 quite a big update,not just related to maps


TPMS issue is present in Ather 5.10 update which was rolled out today. It shows extra 3psi than actual pressure in tyres. They still have not fixed this bug which was present in 5.9 also.

Finally, thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

Got the Update today evening but low on charge soo didn’t install , will install it overnight and going to update tomorrow, I hope this time they don’t mess things up which were fine before

Got update however maps is showing wrong location

It’s actually really smooth now

Yes better than before

Yarr I was really hoping that Ather would silently increase regen by a bit but koie na maybe in future I hope. Rest all is flawless :muscle::muscle:

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It says we need to Grant Location Permission to AGPS , But I tried using navigation but I was not asked anything and it started working as normal ,

As of early impressions of the update,

Earlier live traffic lines were covered with our destination or path lines when used navigation which is now changed and inturn the path line that shows us the path is acting like live traffic .

On engaging reverse mode a much awaited feature (Hazard lights) has been added

Add ons ,

Fall Safe added (didn’t try) Tow and theft detection with Hazard lights and alarming sounds ( was present for BETA testers before and was removed later) is now added again

I hope this time while using Navigation it doesn’t restart the UI displaying Ather logo on the Go

More updates as I use on daily basis will update here


For me also AGPS permission was not asked. At start maps was showing wrong location now its working

Hey folks!

We hope you all had some fun experiencing the new dashboard navigation updates.

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I got the update ( Gen 2 though). The reverse assist indicator lights work well. When the update completed, I tapped tapped tapped so that the screen would respond and it did. I did get the AGPS message but I couldn’t accept or deny. Should that be a problem?

So true even I dint get any notification to enable that option

Love the new update 5/5

Got the update (5.10) yesterday night.

My Observations -

→ Movement detection lights are working but notification alert on app is still a hit or a miss.

→ I think there is a BUG. The motor starts or stays on , even if the side stand is down.


My observations -

Optimising charging 2.0 not working efficiently, it gets stuck at 50% charging and doesn’t charge later…

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