BESCOM sets up EV charging stations in Bangalore

Looks like Govt of Karnataka is taking charging infra seriously.

Looking at the advert, I wonder if charging at these points are feasible, safe & approved by Ather.



The connectors mentioned here are IEC 60309, GB/T and CCS/CHADeMO. None of these are compatible with our Athers. But if there is a 5A/16A socket available, we can use it with our portable charger without any issues.

I remember seeing a couple of 15a sockets at the Banaswadi Bescom office. The Chargers were not commissioned and so couldn’t really check.

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I checked recently at the same location, the BESCOM chargers are working, its just turned off, if you ask the office people someone will come and turn it on. But the charge plugs are not compatible with Ather ones. maybe a converter or an adapter is required. is there any such adapters available to purchase?