[Bengaluru] Community portable chargers

Is it ok for you to share your portable charger with us. If not please tell us we will look for options which are available to us. Because ather is charging 1800/-for 6kmsto drop the vehicle to the nearest charging point

Can you pls DM your contact number. We can work out how you could pickup the charger




Hi All,

I have one portable charger available at electronic city. Please let me know if someone needs it CHARGER NOT FOR SALE! Google Photos

Are you selling it bro ?

No bro. Im ready to share it with others who are in need…

I am staying in Malleshwaram. I am going on office work to maluru. Need portable charger to charge my bike while returning from Maluru. It is around 55kms from bangalore. Date between 22jun to 26jun.

I am at Banaswadi. Let me know if you can pickup

Thank you for your response. Definitely I can pick it up.

Hi @hunt4dj i am staying in Bangalore. i awaiting for portable changer. actually i need a charger for once to charge my bike. if possible can you share your charger once?

moved your post to the correct topic. You could possibly make use of one of the Community portable chargers for this till stocks are available.

Hi @abhishek.balaji thank you for suggesting the thread. I am in need of the portable chrger for a weeks time as I had to make arrangements to install my dot charger and also the ather grid point which is very near to me innov8 koramangala is down now. Plz DM me if there is any possibility.

Messaging you to take this forward.

Hi @abhishek.balaji

Thank you for the quick response and arranging the community portable charger, it really helped a lot.

I actually DM you but also posting here because to make folks around there aware that they will get support some times out of CS scope also here in the community.

Hi all, Can any one of u please help me with a charger as I lost my charger of Ather 450. I stay in jayanagar 3rd block. If any one is willing to sell the charger is also fine.

Regards Suhas 9591011222