Battery Health Widget

The feature for Battery Health should be implemented ASAP, so that people will have an idea of whats the real SOC of the battery they are holding in their scooty. Since the charging/drive pattern for each individual differs, they can very well judge on the health of the battery pack and subscribe for the extended warranty. @abhishek.balaji @acorreya wats your take on this feature?? Should we be expecting this in the future updates???


According to Ather( mentioned in the website) battery Health measurement is very unreliable untill the bike has completed 10000 kilometres. Only then can the measurement be close to accurate. Therefore even service center will be able to tell that only after that.


Saw a YouTube video today. Apparently Ather is working on showing it in the scooters itself. Haven’t promised timelines yet


@suraj10620 Showing in apps? Kindly share photo capture. Would like to see.

Indeed it’s a good feature to have, but it’s not been showing up till now. I wish with Stack 5 this will be come.


@prateek4 check out EV Gyaan’s video on Ather Community event.

Timestamp - 7:29


EV Gyan … his name is also Tarun but that’s only a talk we don’t have anything from Ather’s. That’s hearsay" can’t be reliable to quote. Hmm what you say

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IMO claiming something as substantial as this on a YT video should be backed by something. I strongly believe Ather will add that layer of transparency for battery health.

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sadly a lot of YouTubers do not share the same principles… no idea about EV Gyan, haven’t watched him. but I don’t think Ather will be adding that since they clearly state on the website that battery health cannot be accurately measured before 10,000kms! my assumption is that it is easier to measure on phones since we have only a couple cells at max. here, we have way more cells so might be harder to measure.


I think its not possible to do :thinking:

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