Battery efficiency (km) per charge

Dear Ather team… To know the battery efficiency or to known our riding performance in each charge thier is no option in the arher app or in dash board. Single charge = km This will help us to fine tune our riding style This option also enable the rider known about the performance of the battery in each charge.


This is already here as projected range, that you can find on the app.

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Its is projected range, i am talking about achieved range per charge

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That would be a hard proposition since we charge scooters mostly randomly and not constantly run from 100%-0%. This can apply only when someone chargers their scooter from 0-100% and then run it down back to 0% everytime, which is just a test case.

Otherwise I suppose the best is to look at the projected range.


Projected range always not true becouse again it will depent on road and riding conditions. Atleast we need mileage charge to charge


If you ride harsh (i.e sudden acceleration and braking without use of regen) you would see SOC drop of 2-3 % for a KM whereas if you ride gently you would see SOC drop of 1 % for 1 or 2 KM.

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