Battery drops immediately from 100 to 98

Hi folks,

My EV is taking very long time to charge from 98 to 100, as I have said it in my previous thread… what bothers me is; this has not happened to me in initial days of charging, Its been just 4 weeks(ODO is 822km)…

And I have also noticed that my vehicle drops to 98% immediately after 300-400 metre ride in economy after 100% charge, which seems unusual to me… Is anyone else facing the same issue like me??

This almost always happens to me. What also happens is if I take it out for 100m and back it’s dropped to 98% and I park it and if I check after a few hours the scooter says it’s back up to 100% even without charging. This is just a quirk of the algorithm build in to measure the energy left in the battery. None of this really affects your rides as such. For example if you ride at 37Wh/Km your range in ride mode will drop by the exact same number of kilometers that you’ve ridden. The Battery percentage indicator is defintely not 100% accurate Because a 2% drop for say even 500m converts to a usage of 48Wh with an efficiency close to 100Wh/Km. Thats obviously not the case

Not saying we can’t get that sort of efficiency, but highly unlikely. So the sudden drop is nothing to worry about.


It’s not an issue actually but it’s just approximation. Please see my below post


Thanks guys :smiley: I have no worries now…