Battery drain has increased

Battery drain has drastically increased to atleast 7% per 24 hrs against the previous drain which was around 4 to 5% after the Ather Stack 5 updates. I am not a regular rider since I go out less as I work majorly from home. So, it’s a concern for me. By the current trend, 21% would have drained without even using the vehicle per 3 days.

Not sure how much of petrol evoporates when the vehicle is on idle state for same duration. Any idea?


Yes battery drain has increased…

Yesterday at 2:15 PM my Ather was at 12%(10km left) and when I checked at 6 PM it was at 5%(4 km left)… At 6PM,I checked the Ather app and it was last synced 35 min ago and it was showing 12%.(pic attached)

From 10km to 4km :smiling_face_with_tear: in just 4 hours.

Last night at around 11:50 PM my Ather was at 80% but at today at 6 PM it is at 78%. :upside_down_face: (Earlier it was 4% drain in 24 hours and now :woozy_face:)


Yes battery drain has increased after last update overnight drain by 4 to 6% that is soo. Much


Previous version is much better


I suspect it’s happening because " Auto Hold " , i don’t know exactly but also draining while riding on ride mode on less speed it captures over 70% of power wing for 30-35 kmh speed


Auto hold can’t be the reason I am guessing bcoz I have gen2 and gen2 scooter doesn’t support Auto hold…


Auto hold keeps motor active ( in little throttle) all the time


Has anyone face power drop during continuous hard acceleration in this summer afternoons?

After 2.5 years this was my 1st experience of the same.

Was riding to office, had multiple spirited accelerations but around 9-10km into the ride. Was trying to overtake and then it happened. The scooter wouldn’t accelerate as hard, juts gave half the acceleration. Like when your petrol bike doesn’t get enough petrol. Thought this could be a result of motor and battery heating up.

I would have much preferred it lock in ride mode. With this implementation i was caught off gaurd.

@abhishek.balaji any thoughts on the issue and why the deadly approch?


Hey There! We have shared your concern with our team. We will get back to you soon.


Hey Melvin.

Could you please get me the root cause of this issue.

Its really a life and death thing when you decide to overtake and your scooter decides not to give you full power.

I haven’t heard anything from the technicians from JP Nagar service centre.

I instructed them to do 0-80 run in the afternoon for 30 min non stop and the issue will show. But all they do is a quick ride and say everything is fine. (Feel like pulling my hair out when talking to these guys)

The staff need to be better trained in behavior they treat you like a thief when you express your concern and not a customer who has paid 1.3L who is facing problems with his product.


Did you get the issue resolved bro???

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Is there a way for Ather to monitor this by default as opposed to Ather Owners ?

I still haven’t started monitoring the drain % and so on.

Based on what has been shared here had no idea that it was based on 1- what features were ignited such as autohold 2- what ride type was being selected 3- idle time

1* has differing perspectives based on Battery drain has increased - #7 by kccharsh2015 @kccharsh2015 @meeabhishek Battery drain has increased - #6 by meeabhishek

Is it a good idea for Owners to monitor this manually every day or is it a good idea for Ather to have a feature that captures this by default ?

Something like the ride stats ?

Just that this one should have a daily / weekly / fortnightly / monthly stats thing going.



Havent had the roads or heart to drive the scenario replication. Or might have been resolved due to fan replacement. Still under scanner