Battery discharge

Hey guys this Suhas new member of ather community, I purchased ather 450 on 19/08/2020, i had issue with the battery needed clarify, last night I charged my ather for 100% and disconnect charger last night, when I turned ON my bike in the morning ,the battery percentage was decreased by 5% i.e it was displaying 95% ,even though it was unused for 12 hours, can I know the reason for it ?? And is everyone facing same issue thanks in advance

That is normal. You can refer the FAQ.


If anyone wants to know how many units are consumed to charge battery, then try this…

I’m using WIPRO smart socket 16A (wifi)


  1. Voice control (on/off) 2,. App Control (on/off)
  2. Power consumption status (Daily/Monthly)
  3. Schedule settings (on/off)
  4. Countdown
  5. Avoid Power fluctuations Damages


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