Battery Degradation and terrible Customer Service experience

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It’s been more than 1 year and 2 months since the vehicle was delivered. I have just noticed that my Ather 450X Gen 2 showing abnormal charging and discharging when it clocked around 28000 Kilometers.

The battery is draining and charging so fast between 20%-50% SOC. Normally the Gen 2 450 X will charge at a rate of 1%/2.5 minutes. This calculation has been validated by many users. So the battery will charge around 25% in 1 hour. But my vehicle charged more than 40 in a single hour. So I have decided to contact the nearest Ather Space for checking the battery health by considering the range drop and abnormal charging.

I dropped the vehicle at Ather Space Malappuram and cleanly mentioned the above problems experienced. Also shared ride statistics screenshots as requested by them. My primary goal was to check battery health. But they rode the vehicle for 30 KM in a Mixed Ride + Eco mode. They got 30 KM in 50% and they concluded that the vehicle is fine and no need to check battery health further. When I checked the particular ride statistics the projected range was 112 KM with an efficiency of 24 Wh/KM. This means we simply get around 50 KM in 50% SOC with the same style of riding. So the range drop is visible. But they keep telling me that there is no issue found, Ather says 70 KM in ride mode and they got 30 KM in 50% which means the vehicle and battery are totally fine. Also, he is not ready for further battery health checks.

After this, I just talked to the Manager in charge of Ather Space Malappuram, He is also not ready to check the vehicle further. Also, they said minimal range drop can occur due to tire pressure and inappropriate belt adjustment. But the disgusting part is that they are not ready to check the belt even the air pressure in the tire. If I need to check more they told me to book a periodical service which will be only available after 21 March. I already told them that the charging speed is not normal and they charged the vehicle using a fast charging grid and were not ready to check the issue.

I just contacted @palalmobilityacc Kochi & Calicut Atherspace and they confirmed that there is some sort of software to check the battery health with the help of the Ather Bangalore team. Also when this type of issue arises they will give priority to that customer no need to book service and wait for several days.

After this type of arrogant, terrible & unacceptable experience, I decided to visit the Calicut Ather Space which is 70 KM away from home. They assured me that they will take this on priority and be ready to check the battery’s health.

Below are the screenshots of Charging at home with different time stamps.

At 01:26 PM - SOC is 4%

At 03:04 PM - SOC is 64%

So, Battery charged around 60% in just 98 minutes or in 1.5 hours.

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Is there any standard operating procedure in place when the customer reports battery degradation? If it is already there, publishing it on forum or Ather website will help the customers to deal with this kind of issue. I am sure the Service guy and manager in charge at Ather Malappuram didn’t know how to deal with this kind of issue as well some basic knowledge about the thing they are selling. He even asked me how you get a range above 100 when the Ather says 85 KM in eco. ( Service guy mentioned that abnormal charging maybe a bug in the software. But when I asked him to reinstall the software he said he can’t do it. Software only updated automatically )

( Visible range drop between 20% SOC - 50% SOC. Charging is also normal except for this SOC level)


I was feeling that the range I am getting is dropped, 70 km max. Even when the ride efficiency is below 30wh/km. While earlier I used to get 85-90 km.

So I had asked for a battery health check in Khar SC, Mumbai. All they did was take it for a spin, and if those numbers are above their claimed range then they do nothing. Obviously the numbers gonna be within their 85 true range based on 23wh/km efficiency of a single rider riding ar 40kmph (actually this should give 116). But battery percentage could drop faster later and we may not practically get that range.

I also remember a service manager saying that they connect the scooter to Banglore team and they check the health. When I asked that they said it’s gonna show the same result and the same which dashboards internal software shows. And they were not ready to do it.

I tried asking the same in another SC but they didn’t had their laptop at that moment. Then I didn’t do a follow up as they will only provide replacement if the battery health is dropped to 70% and mine is not that much.


Do you checked the charging speed ? In my opinion, If a customer complained about battery health they need to check it. Its the right of the customer to know how much amount of degradation happened to his/her vehicle’s battery. Ather says that they will replace the battery when dropped to 70%. So when a customer approaches the EC regarding the battery health, they’ll have to check it wheather it droped to 70% or not. They can’t tell this by simply riding the scooter. That’s all.


No problem with the charging speed.


Hey There! We regret the inconvenience caused to you. We have shared your concern with our team. We will get back to you soon.


Little Update on this

4 Ather personals from head office contacted today via conference call. They are assured of a timely solution on this matter and expressed their regret for the inconvenience caused. They told me to Drop the Vehicle at Tirur or Calicut EC. Also, they are ready to pick up the vehicle from home and will drop it at Ather Space Tirur which is the second nearest EC. I will keep post updates here. Thanks to Team Ather for the intervention.


Any new update on this? @abdullamohammedp


same issue faced by me and got new battery in warranty also don’t worry use your Ather for some more days then the Range will come down to 10 to 20km for full charge then they can’t ignore your problem.

when I left my Ather for this issue I was getting max 10km range so I took photo when I left my home at 100% then after 6.6km at SC it was around 30%left. shared same photo to them and they gave me loaner battery in next 2 days and said my Ather battery sent to workshop plant will be checked throughly and it might take upto 1 month so use loaner battery until. As they said exactly after a month they called me to bring my Ather so they’ll install new battery and they didn’t tell what was the issue with my old one so I went and got new one installed. I didn’t had any service plan even then changed my belt and full washing done just to check if the range is dropping for any of this issues also not charged me any money.

Also another guy from our Ather whatsapp group started facing same issue but at initial stage even though he left for SC then they gave him also loaner battery and said wait for a month Even his Ather is around 1.3 year old 450x gen 2

My Ather 450plus gen 2 bought on 16-July-21 13500km done when left in SC


Thanks for sharing your experience bro.

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Scooter didn’t handover to the EC yet. I can only do the same on coming Friday because I have to travel more than 70 KM to reach the particular EC. I will update here once the Ather team examined the vehicle.


Wow, that’s a lot of degradation. I have some questions,

When did you replace it?

Did the service centre people check the SOH via the dashboard or a laptop? If yes then what were the numbers?

Also, which city? (Just curious)

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The vehicle was dropped off at Ather Space Calicut on Friday. As per their findings, there are some variations in battery health. The report has been sent to Ather and is waiting for their response which will be expected by Friday.


Am so curious

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I also facing same issue after clocking 16000km I dropped vehicle to thane service center on 09/03/23 waiting for battery health check with technical team

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I have been informed that the Battery will be sent to Ather Bangalore for further inspection. It will take a minimum of 3 weeks. Mostly they will send a newer battery to replace the existing battery after the complete inspection. The one and only loner battery at EC is currently used in another vehicle which is expected to get a new battery within one week. The service team will install the loner battery in my vehicle once it is available.



What were the variations and how did they check it?

Also, tell us the result if you get any information from them.

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I don’t have any specific details about it. They told that they are checking battery health using some software with the help of Ather Bangalore team. Also i didn’t get any results other than verbal communication.

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