Bangalore to Tumkur

Is one full charge enough to reach Tumkur from Banglore? If not are there any places where I can charge the vehicle one the way ?

@ranganathsb can help :smiley:


I took delivery from IBC to reach my home in Tumkur which approx 86 kms. It was first time I ever rode an Electric Scooter and mind that I had not even test driven the Ather’s 450 or any other EV. Started with 100% charge and stopped at nearby Nimhans for an hour to have chat with my Doctor Friend and then drove in eco/ride combination maintaining 20-30 kmph in city’s afternoon traffic so that I can achieve minimal breaking and maintained 30-50 once reached highway leaving the throttle to let vehicle coast for most of the part. Also, I took a longer route to use outer ring road so that I don’t to have to break frequently in signals.(IBC - Dairy Circle- Minerva Cirle - TownHall - City Market flyover towards Mysore Road - took right at Nayandanahalli junction - Continued on Outer ring road to reach GoraguntePalya - Tumkur road Flyover - Nelamangala - Tumkur) Stopped at Nelamangala for a stretch as the boxes cramped my legs. Also Note that it Started raining mildly that day during entire highway journey from Nelamangala to Tumkur. I reached home with battery showing 17% remaining.

If you are an experienced rider who knows to ride efficiently You could acheive this in Sports mode as well and you can ride through city traffic easily achieving same efficiency and get more range. My observation is vehicle coasts better in Eco/Ride than Sports/Warp. But you need to use your intuition on how your vehicle responds and switch to better mode.

Also you can find some Ather Grid which are closer to Tumkur Road and top up there to full 100% if you start from other end of the city.

Even Better would be to start early hours of the day around 5am then you will definitely have better efficiency unless empty roads tempts you to heed to warp mode and then you loose your charge quick.

When I took delivery I was carrying a back back two boxes of DOT and Portable Charger each along with me. so it might also depend on the load you are carrying.

PS: I dont have ride logs to make you feel comfortable as they were buggy when I took delivery had no valuable information and I do not have any Connect Subscription (I didn’t get the complementary subscription which was given to first few deliveries of all cities.)


Thank you for the info , I forgot to mention that I’ll be riding with a pillion will that make a significant difference?

Hmmm… It surely will as the route has lot of flyovers which will suck more battery at the time of getting on to it as compared to single ride.

Don’t think of taking Service road as they are full of speed breaker bumps (some realy huge that you will have literally stop and climb) which are much worse than climbing flyover.

Eventhough the route has a lot of highway hotels and Petrol Bunks I never got to request for charging in either of this as I made it to my place comfortably. So I don’t have any working suggestions.

If you are down to 50% SoC before reaching Nelamangala Toll (not the Parle G one but the United Breweries one with DMART godown on the left) I suggest you to reach out to some bunk or hotel amd request them for 5amp Socket to charge your vehicle. Charge it to atleast 70% SoC before you start for the ride as you have Pillion and need to cover 44 Kms from Nelamangala Toll to reach Tumkur Town. You will have plenty of options between Nelamangala Toll and T Begur (about 5 kms Stretch).

Tip: ask for Vehicle Charging option in a hotel so that if they allow, you get to sit and have some refreshments while your vehicle charges. T Begur has residences very close to highway if you are a social person then you can convince someone to get an access to 5amp socket.

If you miss out here then your next bet would be Dobbaspet which I guess you will reach with less than 20% SoC and you will still have to ride 22 Kms from there for Tumkur. Again you will have to try at the Hotels/Bunks you can try HP Pertrol Bunk/Kamat Just before reaching Dobaspet for Charging options.

Carry some decent length of Extension box along with Portable charger.