Bangalore delivery delays?

Hi All, I placed an order with you for the 450 plus order no 72707. The registration process has been completed on the 10th and I am still awaiting delivery. I know a statement was put out regarding the Fame 2 issues but It would be nice to get updates on the same and if there is anyone here who has been able to take delivery of their vehicle over the past few days 10th march to 16th march.



Do you mind sharing your payment break up? The total on road cost. The subsidy.

@Suraj_madhu excluding the subscription plans and vehicle insurance the total payment has been 1.44 lac (registration charges included) for the 450 plus. this is including the fame subsidy.

How much was the subsidy. Could you share a photo of that breakdown?

Screenshot 2021-03-16 211014

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Ahh so they do give you the big 2.9kWh battery pack. @Terry your battery is going to last you for many many years since you’re going to have like a 25% buffer on your battery.

Actually, the issue with Fame-II was the OTP not coming to customer’s phone due to TRAI changing its policies on ‘Do Not Disturb’. The problem is solved many days ago. So, I urge you to contact the EC (Experience Center) from which you have booked your Ather. I think you should be able to get your delivery in a day or two post registration.

Thanks @harrsheel, I have called them multiple times and they are not giving me a date and even emailed them , all I’m being told is that there are still issues with the OTP and deliveries are not happening. I’m just here to find out if it is a genuine issue or are they just beating round the bush.

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@Suraj_madhu if I get the bike that is ! :smiley: .

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Ummm, this should not happen, tbh, as the OTP services are resumed all round the country… @abhishek.balaji I request you to look into this so as @Terry can get their ather soon and have an awesome experience with it! Take care.


I am on the same track here, waiting for delivery and delays due to the un forseen otp issue.

Hi @harrsheel. They resolved it this evening and delivery will happen on friday . They are still not sure if the otp will come through so just incase they said to carry a post dated cheque for the fame subsidy amount. If the otp doesn’t come through they will hold the cheque and return it to me once the otp works. I am ok doing this so taking the delivery this friday. Thanks for the support.

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Great! Yes, the cheque thing works in many cases. I still believe that it won’t be required, but, it is safe to have it so as you get your ather without furthermore hassles. Excited to have you as an owner of Ather!


@harrsheel Got the bike !!! absolutely love it ! process was straight forward and otp came through. Delivery staff where nice and polite and overall a good experience . Now onto charging it with solar as the next step. I imagine moderators can delete this post ? Thank you and thanks to the Ather team !


Glad that you received it! Happy wheeeeeeing!!! Moderator will close this post and mark as solved. I want to know how the process of solar charging works. I am very much into it, so, if you can, please share tbe details of it…

Why do they need 2 weeks to deliver a vehicle… Booked on 6th March and still awaiting for delivery. My friend booked tata safari on same date and already it’s been delivered on 15th. And I am still waiting for the delivery…

All my excitement for a new vehicle is gone in waiting… Ather needs to focus on faster delivery.

Funny part is vehicle made in 4 minutes delivery time is 15 days…


Same issue here with Order number 80001 booked on 9th March and downpayment / insurance done on 20th March. No one from Hero Fin Corp seems to be bothered to contact me for the next steps. This poor service from Ather and Hero Fin Corp.

Shashikala Iyer Order 80001


Hate this slow delivery from Ather Indiranagar. I booked my Ather on march 19 2021 and payed my downpayment on April 29 2021. Still I didn’t receive my Ather 450 plus today(15 July 2021). I think whether they are doing this on purpose or not I don’t know. I feel really bad now for booking Ather

We have raised your concern with the team and also we have raised a ticket on your behalf & here is the reference number: (FD-140836)

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Hi just wanted to know if somebody pays for their Ather in how many days does it get ready for delivery

Like this august where there is no lockdown then how many days it will take from delivery to payment