Bad experience at Ather Grid

Hi All,

I had a bad experience at Ather Grid point which is located East Coast at Madras Square

I planned for Dinner at the restaurant and my Ather 450x was below 15% charge. So, I planned to visit East Coast at Madras Square. When I reached there the Grid point was not accessible because of a Car parked there already. So, I dumped the dinner idea from this waste restaurant.

Tried to talk with Security to take out the Car. After sometime one brainless person came from the restaurant ( wearing Chef dress) and started arguing and threatened to uninstall the Ather Grid from there by next day. @abhishek.balaji Please shift this Grid to any other place nearby.

My good luck that there was another Grid point @ Havmor Havfunn Adyar


What a great culture we have in our country…! :man_facepalming:

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@abhishek.balaji Ather should just dump the idea of having it at a place where you can spend time, like restaurants, eat outs , and to some place where people actually can charge their scooters without any hindrance, people often request to place grids in open apartments homes and office but you guys deny that saying person who come to charge will need someplace where he won’t get bored, but in reality people often get harassed in those kind of location where host thinks they own the grid and we people who come to charge are beggars.


Yes there are few things ather should do.

  1. Have a steel stands in front of the charger where only ather can be parked for charging hence keeping the place accessible… This is important as all grid points are in common Areas and are unattended.
  2. The maglock should automatically released when charging is full & done. So that once the ather is charged and owner is missing other ather owner who wants to charge (sometimes panic charging below 10% required) can move the ather and charge his.
  3. May be a page button should appear on screen while charging so that the owner who has left ather for charging and disappeared shopping or dining, can be called at the grid in any events.
  4. Page alerts , charging complete alert & towing detection alerts should also have notification sound & vibration on phone…
  5. At few crowded locations install twin chargers that can charge 2 athers at a time.

@abhishek.balaji @tarun can we please implement any of the above suggestions ?


Needless to say after wrangling around on the forum…I dont think ather is no where near to implement or just say " hear " them out from us.

By time I am losing faith in ather.


@abhishek.balaji Could you consider setting up a feedback + rating system for the available grids? It could help Ather understand which ones are working poorly in terms of availability, customer experience, fast charging consistency (i’ve seen several folks complain about very slow charging speeds repeatedly for the same grid points) etc. The ratings can also help us customers know which of the grids are dependable. We’d rather not make the effort to get to such grid points only to get stranded. Only worsens the inertia of making any trips that are dependent on grid access.


Since there’s a plug that can charge anything in the ather grids points, putting steel barricades for scooter-sizes will not work. Also I think it will be too intrusive to the business owners. Maybe a green patch that shows it is for EVs will work, provided people are sensible.

I thought this was implemented in 450x at least… I wonder why it is not working. A few of my friends had the same awful experience yesterday.

Maybe after 80%. Yet should be a QR code that can be scanned by Ather app. This will push a notification to the charging scooter’s owner. Maybe even place a robocall notifying.

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… That directly works from the app, so that all details from the location and scooter etc can be logged and studied. Removes the hassle of sending mails and following up on copy-paste replies from the team.


Its india and only drawing green line won’t work here… it has to be reserved place with steel bars so that no one else parks in front of charger… check earlier experiences of ather owners…


The idea at malls seemed good. Installing queue thing can be one option where only the EV knows he/she can access the parking. For others, it would seem reserved. The only thing is if other people don’t remove that and park their own vehicles.

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We already know what would be the feedback from customers right :joy:

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Very very bad experience with Ather. They have delivered the bike without charger. As discussed with mgmt it will take some time to get Dot charger. Are you serious?? Without charger what is the use of this bike?? Thirdclass service.

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Not provide dot charger jaipur (Rajasthan). And ather 450x scooter stuck only 5 day after