Back shock absorber sound

Hi Any one facing back shock absorber sound. raised service request Vehicle taken to service they told sound common due spring action. Pls reply who is facing same problem.

I can’t speak for the exact reason for this. But I have it too if you’re referring to the sound you get when you go over a speed braker too quickly and when you’re suspension is completely offloaded. I think since ather with a monoshock, instead of going with a longer travel suspension which would result in a very tall pillion seat they settled for a balance between the pillion seat height and a monoshock resulting in a shorter travel suspension, because of this short travel suspension and pretty hard tuned suspension, the shocks get completely offloaded when you go over a bump too fast and you get the loud sound. So I think you don’t have to worry. One way to check if this is the same reason in your scooter for the sound is, check if it decreases wih a pillion and if the sound occurs when the spring is at most offloaded position


Thanks for u r reply and u r valuable time Yes the sound comes in single rider when pass speed breaker. If I press vehicle back side with little pressure sound will come. Actually when sound Comes it irritates me that’s why more concern.

Just curious, how did you classify this as rear suspension noise?

I might be wrong but it could be seat lock noise.

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I agree. If you hear a bang just as the rear tyre comes off the speed breaker or crater, it’s mostly the seat latch.

Ask Service team to look at it the next time you call them. It’s a quick fix and they will take care of it by adding additional padding/spacers.

No chance it’s clear sound from back shocks. Any 450 owners pls reply if any one facing same problem.

Yesterday they picked my vehicle to Ather service station they are telling sound will be there always and they give some explanation it cannot understand because I am not a technical back ground I am from accounts.

I understand only that paying 1.15 lakhs and having some sound in shocks even in small light wait push from my hand also sounds tak…

I think u booked 450x pls check with them same problem in 450x also.

irritating sound comes from back shocks it’s 100% sure and it’s confirmed from Ather service team.

Tomorrow sure I will upload the video of the problem.

@abhishek.balaji pls can u reply for my query

I am a 450 owner and have been driving it for 1.5yrs. The issue I mentioned was very similar to what you faced and hence brought it up. Easy way to check is if the seat moves freely when it is locked.

Please do post a audio or video. You may not be able to Upload a video directly but you can upload onto YouTube/Vimeo etc and share the link here.

Great using last from 1.5 yrs! No, the seat will lock perfectly and sound comes from back shocks only, is your 450 having same issue? if no, why my vehicle? I bought in 28th Feb 2020.

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The video you have uploaded is private. Unable to view it.

Sir, Check if the sound occurs when you put pressure over the rear handle with the seat unlocked and folded forward. That will eliminate the seat lock sound.

I have the same issue as well I get some cranky sound when I apply brake aswell

My 450 too had a noise from the rear suspension. The noise was like cracking. I reached out CS team and they took the vehicle and said that the suspensions’s bush got dried up. And they removed them and fixed them after greasing. Then, the sound got fixed.

The ather person said me that It might be due to the problem at the time of production.

P. S. My 450 is just 5 months old and haven’t driven much.

Mine vehicle also taken to Ather service centre they did something and they told sound will be there it’s normal sound. But after vehicle came from service centre sound increased. I think having some manufacturing defect.

Mono shocks are designed well. The sounds is common. Weight of rider has to Be considered here. With single rider this is more common. Tyre pressure also counts here. Too much of tyre pressure will give more noise/bump.

Sir, I don’t think it’s a defect. :neutral_face: Test ride another ather and check for the sound. You’ll be able to hear it. But also with time the tension in the spring does slightly decrease. And the sound marginally does decrease.

Hello… I have got my vehicle delivered on 28th of this month. I am also facing the same issue, in the sense while riding the vehicle without pillion rider i am able to hear a sound from the rear shocks even if i ride slowly in the speed breaker, on beginning i thought that the vehicle have got puncture and checked the tires, later i realized the sound have come from rear shocks. Its not too loud but feel uncomfortable to ride. I think they may rectify the issue in upcoming first service.

Agree with u r words uncomfortable and it’s irritates to me more…

I am not into technical field but Accordingly to my basic knowledge KTM bikes also uses mono shocks I think no sound in KTM bikes why?.

KTM is a bike. They have bigger wheels and a bigger frame as such. If you’ve noticed all KTMs have incredibly high pillion seats. That is to accomodate for the large mono shock that a bike needs, with a lot of travel. So they can afford to keep the monoshock much less “tense” hence, normally when you go over a speed breaker on a KTM there is still enough weight(load on the spring) to keep it slightly compressed. In case of a scooter like ather, there’s a reason that no scooter other than the ather has a centre mounted monoshock. Ather would have chosen a much smaller monoshock since the frame of the scooter is smaller and to keep the pillion seat at a height where it’s still accessible. To provide the highest travel from the monoshock in a small monoshock the spring is set at a higher " tense" position hence to allow for most amount of travel (and to bear more load) this makes the light frame of th scooter sit very close to the highest point of the monoshock, so when you go over a spead breaker since the weight of scooter is not enough to keep the monoshock compressed all the time, the monoshock completely gets offloaded, and hence the sound. Ather has tested their scooter a lot plus a lot of us owners have also noticed it on our scooters. There have been no other affects of the sound. Please do try test riding a year or more old Ather and compare. We still have the sound. But marginally lesser I guess, or maybe Ive just gotten used to it. I hope youve understood why the KTMs doesn’t make a sound and the ather does. Even the ktm if you completely lift the rear of the bike off suddenly and completely offloading the rear monoshock, it will make a similar sound. Just that the effort you have to put to make that sound on the KTM is much higher.

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