Auto start feature

I want to know Ather working on auto start feature

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What’s auto start?


Its mean auto eject after the charge full at ather grid im from Visakhapatnam today im faced today very bad situation at ather grid point some charging the vehice at gird vehicles was fully charged but no one at the charging point im waited for 1 hour but the ather owner was not came

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Ather Grid unlocks at 100% now. Did you try unplugging the charger from the Ather?


Same problem was faced by Tesla in the US what they did was a simple solution. They started charging extra feesfees of 0.50$ per minute if all the charging stations are full. Ather can look at a Indian version of the same.

No I didn’t try. Next time I will try, thanks for the quick reply!

When the rider is close to the scooter it should start

This can be implemented only once Ather starts charging people for using their grid points. Until then, it’s about people having basic civic sense, unfortunately :sweat_smile: