Auto indicator off malfunctioning

My scooter’s turn indicators are not working. Anyone else with this issue? Someone told me that it might because of dust inside the switch. Using my car’s tyre inflator I cleaned the indicator switch but it didn’t work. Have registered a complaint on the Ather App today.


My LEFT indicator switch got replaced.

My complaint that time: It required hard press or multiple presses to get the indicator engaged…

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I had a wierd issue where the indicator would blink once and stop. Did a hard reset and it fixed the issue.

One thing i noticed though is it’s sensitivity has reduced post my 5k service. It worked flawlessly every single time prior to the service, but now it doesn’t detect shorter turns.

I have faced this issue atleast 4-5 times for the last 1 month. Hard reset would fix the issue. I had opened a request with Ather CS last Friday. As per the latest update this related to a software issue and it will be resolved from the backend soon.

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Yes, just do a hard reset. It should sort out this issue. Faced this problem last week.

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As we have shutdown issue, multiple hard reset at higher SoC would be fatal… Be cautious.

Thanks guys…cntrl+alt+del worked! I got the same reply from Ather too for my ticket.

does the brakes+power combination also count as restart and possibly lead to that infamous issue? I thought only a shutdown would be a problem.

Indicator auto cutoff has hardly worked on my scooter. I’ve stopped bothering about it.
But this new issue also came to me after the 5k service only.

I don’t think so. When doing the ctrl+alt+del, the motor does remain on, so I’m not sure its equivalent to shutdown.

Will get this checked and update here.

No, Brakes+Power Combination is soft reset. As known, it should not be an issue for the breakdown. In this, 450 does not go to deep sleep.

Other one is Hard Shutdown, in this 450 goes to deep sleep then when it is woken up, wake up circuity fails when SoC is higher, today.


faced the same issue while switching lane. had to do ctrl+alt+del during the signal

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Thanks for reporting the issue, folks! The team is investigating the issue and will update when we know more.

Greetings All,
TURN SIGNAL INDICATOR ISSUE: after a recent update, I have noticed that the turn signal indicators are malfunctioning, i.e., when the switch is flipped to either side, the indicator just comes on for a fraction of a second and then stops.
A full Shutdown did rectify the issue, but, the issue reappears after a few days, and a shutdown is needed to get it back to normal. This did not happen before the udpate.

Next time try just the reset shortcut ( both brakes + ignition button for 5secs). This will reboot the UI without turning off the motor.

Even reset resolves the issue only temporarily. So, that is not the point I am trying to drive here. I am stating that something went wrong after the update, which is causing the indicator to act erroneously.

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I guess @raghav.srinivasan asked you to just reset because frequent shutting down leads to the BMS issue that has happened to some scooters. He did not mean that just reset will solve the indicator issue permanently.

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