Auto cut off turn indicators

I am not sure if this is a bug or unique feature in the bike. Usually when we turn on the left or right indicators, we need to press the middle portion of the button to turn it off.
But in the Ather 450 what i have observed is that after you turn it on it will turn it self off after few sec. You need not press the middle position to turn it off.

Have any of you know off this???

ATHER 450 is equipped with auto indicator off functions. For me it works most of the time

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This actually a built-in feature. The turn indicators use data from the IMU sensors to cut-off after the it senses the turn has been completed.

@raghav.srinivasan is their an options to increase the time taken to off, say when you have to take a turn or U turn at a signal …as i have experienced that their is a time limit after which the indicator turns off even if you have not completed the turn.

Nope. Not yet atleast.

I have the same problem too while waiting at signals or for a clear road to complete my turn. I usually keep pressing the indicator button every 30-45secs or so to keep it blinking. Sometimes I manually turn it off if I am taking quick set of turns as the auto-cancel takes slightly longer.

Is this a bug or working as designed. Or issue with IMU Sensors which is not working as designed, or their may be some calibration issues of IMU sensors.

I believe it is working as intended but may need some refinements (the logic is defined in software, so can be tuned). I have same feature on my Harley-Davidson and there also the turn signal will turn off after a while if you do not take the turn, such as when approaching the intersection slowly in heavy traffic. But it will continue to be on if you are completely stopped before a turn, such as waiting for a red light. When I test rode the Ather, I found that the turn signal would turn off even if you are waiting for a red light.

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Same problem here, this feature could be quite dangerous. Sometimes when I’m about 10 meters away from the turn, the indicator turns off and the oncoming traffic has no way of knowing that I’m about to turn.

Could we at least disable the auto cut-off when we have indicator sound enabled? The sound is loud enough for us to make sure we don’t unintentionally keep the indicator on.

Hey Guys,

We are continually working on improving this feature with updates. It should improve in functionality for some cases it does not respond correctly now.

Disabling it is something we have not started to explore yet, but will explore it and update here whenever there is a decision on that.

The auto-indicator off functionality should improve in the upcoming updates.


Bring back the old sound…


Any work on this??

Please do! At the very least, there should be an option to turn the feature off until the chinks are sorted out. Right now, the indicator seems to have a mind of it’s own. Works perfectly sometimes (mostly on long smooth turns per my observation), while on other occasions either switches off before I even start the turn (as someone pointed out before, this could be quite dangerous) or just goes on until I switch it off manually.


Request the team disable auto cut-off until it is perfected. At least disable it when the sound in ON for indicators.


Latest OTA Update, released on Sept 16th 2019 has significant improvement in the turn indicator timing even though nothing was mentioned in the release details. I do not see it is turning off itself adversely.


I have noticed the same behavior on my 450 too. Since the 16th I have to manually turn off the indicators in more than 90% of the turns.


It turns off its own when there is significant turn… I find this is right approach.


The left indicator does switch of adequately but the right indicator on more occasions than not, does not auto cut off, it has become more of a regular indicator like in an ICE scooter, the feature has become more of a gimmick than being truly useful.


Not true in my case… it works for both directions…

It only works satisfactorily for me on strict u-turns. I think there can be more accurate turn identifying markers calculated from the IMU and other metrics obtained from the onboard hardware.

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Hi @rajeshkav in the past 2 weeks of usage, I too can confirm the same. The duration is much longer now, so during signals and slow moving traffic I did not have to engage Indicator multiple times…