Audio alert for navigation

Recently there was heavy traffic and I didn’t notice I had to take a right turn and continued straight. We all know Ather navigation shows as if we are going on correct route and re routes after atleast 0.5 kms. Because of this i had to go 2.5 kms for u turn wasting 5 kms of range making my plan go haywire, so i suggest we get audio chimes for turns as we don’t have a speaker like ola. I am always using my mobile phone while using Ather unlike Ather ads, Ather can use the parking and turn signal hardware and chime for this.


I agree. I have missed many turns too. They can easily turn on “Voice” alerts but may be not a priority. But yeah, alerts will be a great help.


I guess the turn beep is on. I use it and it does help others on the road to notice the turn indicator blinking

Agreed, indeed a great suggestion.

This will truly be helpful while riding. Currently, we have to keep looking at the dash every now and then if we are not connected via Bluetooth earphones.

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The turn indications mentioned are with respect to maps as Ather maps tend to load with a little lag some times it does go grey so we may miss the turn is what he meant. Just to clear the air.

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I believe Google Maps API restricts this

Under section 3.2.3 a point iv says

And regarding this point, Just because it’s not being used the way it could have been it doesn’t mean it’s not there :upside_down_face: