Atherstack Dropkick 11.0.1 (Gen 3 only)

Hey folks,

We’re releasing a patch update for Ather 450X & Plus (Gen 3 only), with a few bug fixes. Here’s what’s changed:

:rotating_light: Fixed a minor issue with indicator

:rotating_light: Fixed software version name showing incomplete

:rotating_light: Some other minor fixes

This update will roll out over the next few days for Gen 3 scooters.


Hi @abhishek.balaji does this OTA update fix the dashboard’s bluetooth connection issue on the Gen 3 450x?

It never stays connected to my iPhone ever since it’s been delivered

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Facing the same issue. Hope it’s fixed.


The update isn’t showing up. How do I install an update? Does the vehicle need to be on charge?


It’s a known issue with iPhones and the Gen 3 scooter, the team is working on fixing it, but it’s not in this OTA update.

The scooter will download the update and show you an indication that it’s ready to install. Updates are rolled out in a staggered manner, and the scooter will download it based on the network strength, availability etc, it’ll take a few days until you see the update ready to install on your scooter.


Is the issue with indicator related to the sounds , couple of times i have faced an issue where there is no sound at all from the scooter , nothing during start up , for indicators , parking assist and when motor is switched on

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If you’ve observed this after the update, it’s normal. A reset should fix the problem. (most of them :p)

No , i havent got the update yet , happened couple of times , so just curious if this new ota update will resolve it or not

I don’t think it does as it not a common bug which it has been identified. You might as well just try the reset option.


Will the update ask our permission for installing it?..Coz in my vehicle the software version name is been fully displayed but i didn’t get a notification that a new update is available…Do you think the vehicle has been updated already???

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You will get the update automatically in a few days once it is rolled out. It will get downloaded by default and you can choose to install it or it will get installed by it’s own. There is no option to stop it.

More on this here:


Clarified :+1::blush:…Thank you :blush:

Hi @abhishek.balaji

My vehicle was updated today. However the version no. isn’t 11.0.1

It has been updated from 11.0.0-202227 to 11.0.0-202233


Not received yet

@abhishek.balaji I still haven’t received the update yet! any ETA on when I might receive it?

I took delivery 2 days back and facing same issue with Android phone as well.

almost a month still haven’t received 11.0.1,even though i havent encountered any issue on 202233 build except maps (it doesnt sync home adress or show chargers,send location to scooter never worked for me and rotates randomly)


Same issues, + SmartECO also does not work. the bar never depletes, no matter how harsh it is driven. 450+ Gen3, delivered 2 weeks ago.

smart eco only aggresive limits accelaration when you have 100kg+ load and battery is below 60% else you have enough voltage to play around.even I thought mine was broken until i started depleting the battery

if you still think it isnt working renable it and do restart by holding brakes and power button