๐Ÿš€ Atherstack Dropkick 10.4.0

Is anyone facing network blackout issues after Ather Dropkick update? The network drops to 0 bars and doesnโ€™t come back up even if I go somewhere else for a better signal. Only after a reboot, does the signal come back. It is quite a hassle to keep rebooting the dash every single time.
Bluetooth seems to connect faster and better now


Ather Gen 3 has its very own set of Flaws

That were delivered with the vehicle

1)When you send a Location to the Scooter through the Ather App it takes a long time for the scooter to receive despite you are sitting on the scooter and sending a location to the scooter

2)Sometimes Despite being Fully Charged it Forces you to use Eco Mode Only

I donโ€™t let my vehicle battery drop below 30% still this happens randomly

3)Maps Screen Goes Blank once in a While or Get struck at the same area even when you have crossed nearly 2 kms. It still shows that you are at that same place where the maps freezed.

They are many more bugs and the list goes on and on


That cannot be a feature. It certainly is a bug!


@abhishek.balaji please look into this, i just booked by gen 3 and this post isnโ€™t making me excited about it.


I am also getting the same issue. Each time I have to restart scooter

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@abhishek.balaji my vehicle is getting the release throttle msg on my Ather even while there is no throtle input just saw it getting frequent in latest update but also maybe due to sensor issue

Please get it checked by the Service Team.

I am facing all the issues you mentioned on Gen3. And one more to the list is, searching in maps wonโ€™t work after you start the bike. Searching a location in maps works only after bike reset.

I updated to this new version and problems started with the network. It drops randomly I have to shutdown and start again to get the network

Also sometimes the indicator buzzer stops and after shutdown and start it works.

Can you address these issues in the new update?


Since, last few days, Iโ€™m noticing that, trip meters (both Aand B) are resetting frequently automatically. Typically, before this scooter fails to connect and sync. It starts connecting after reboot (breaks + start button) but trip meters are reset to 0. I didnโ€™t observe in past that trip meters are getting reset after reboot. Anyone else facing this for gen2? Iโ€™m not sure whether related to update.

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Iโ€™ve not received the update yet. Am I missing something?

Network issue no network reboot the scooter and issue is same after a day

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I remember that a while ago, I was able to change the mode even below 20% SoC. Does that not happen anymore?

Yes โ€ฆIt does

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