Atherstack Atom - 10.0.3

Hey folks,

The next patch OTA update (10.0.3) will be rolled out over the next few days. The release fixes a lot of the bugs and niggles reported on the dashboard, along with some improvements as well. Overall, this is a stability release, looking to make the dashboard experience much better.

Some key fixes:

  • Fixes recent locations not showing up
  • Reduce volume of indicators and boot up sound
  • Fixes dashboard freezing, display turning on even when is key off and improves the performance

In addition, some changes since the beta release:

  • Fixes delay in sync between app and scooter
  • Improvements for auto cut-off indicators

We’ll be rolling this update out in batches over the next few days. If this is the first time you’re installing an OTA update, you can find instructions on installing here: OTA and App updates