Atherstack 5.9

Ohh. Alright. Hope they fix all the bugs before rolling out.

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There was no Official announcement in the first place to begin with

What’s in 5.9?

It’s small upgrade that disables the auto cut off charging at 80% and to introduce optimised charging. It also fixes bugs from previous versions.

Why I didn’t get the update?

It brought new bugs. The team is working on fixing the same.

Why it’s taking long time to release an update with bug fix?

We are in discussion how to call the next version. Some say it should be called 5.10, but it’s mathematically incorrect as 5.9 > 5.10. But we don’t want to call it as 6.0 as it’s not a major version jump. Most probably we may call it as 5.9.1. So we can have this conversation again when it reaches 5.9.9.



Maps are lagging. Frequent automatic restarts while driving vehicle. Auto hold struggles at steep slope. Map quality is not that good. I have taken Ather Connect Subscription. Optimised Charging 2.0 stops at 80% doesnt charge to full after 5 am. Vehicle is on 5.9. Fall safe, Tow movement alert 2.0 is not provided in 5.9. Indicator blinkers doesnt match screen animation.


Pls give the reference of the update name confusion i am not able to find it

It is going to be 6.0 and fall detection is going to come with the update.

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How’d you know?

I m assuming the same thing

Source - Trust me bro


Because that’s the most logical answer. Why would they give a major feature in a minor 0 1 or 0.2 Update.

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I think after paying for Ather connect features we are unble to get proper updates and services They still don’t have idea what’s happening no response for discussion

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Yes …it’s been more than 2 months now …its a long time

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They are more focused on their upcoming scooter…

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Can anyone try to sign up on this somehow I’m facing an error while doing so.


How in the world you are using 5.9? While my latest version shows 5.8. ? Are you in beta testing? Im having gen 3, is it for gen4?

I still didn’t get 5.9

My Ather 450x gen2 updated with 10.5.9 15 days back.

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@satyen01 Any new inclusion in this update.?

No, this update is only for improving connecivity and syncing of data.

Not feeling any difference after update.

And charger solenoid is so quick now

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