Atherstack 5.0 Update for those who didn't attend community day

Hi everyone, use this to post your experience of getting the new Atherstack 5.0 update, without attending the event, this will give us a rough timeline from the owners perspective since right now the only reviews are from people who attended the event.

Kindly share below if you recieved the update and you’re experience with it.


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This post is created for those who recieve it to post it here : )


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I have received update today evening. Installing Update Now. I took Ather delivery on 12th December 2022. I will update the details after installing the update


Thank you for posting!


Trip A TripB settings Removed

Modes Changing by touch removed

AutoHillHold function not received

Very Small Symbol given for Parking Assist

these are the things observed so far


Real timeEfficiency numbers also gone. :face_holding_back_tears:


Guys do post whether gen 2 or gen 3


Great Keep this thread …

  • 1 to add the Gen 2 or Gen 3, Also mention the city

And + or X and date of purchase perhaps


When we will get the update for those who didn’t attend community event


Some lucky owners had got the updates including September purchaser. I have no clue how the phase/batch is decided :sweat_smile: I am still in the queue by all means.


Realtime efficiency is now WINGS OF POWER. Read below links.

Many UI changes have come by and hence all that we were used to see have found better thought out places. The only thing I find missing is Trip B.


But can you see Wh/km next to trip meter? That’s still missing from Atherstack 5.


No % info when charging too.


I think today everyone shall get the update …

I got the update today evening … 450x Dehradun.

Version 11.5.1 - 202302

Hill Assist is not in it, i guess as mentioned it shall come on 25th Jan

Installation was smooth

Phone Bluetooth Connected itself. TPMS stated functioning after I checked the scooter about in hours time.

I do miss the motor-off sign.


Mera nahin hua, checked 1hr ago. October 1 delivery scooter


Hello owners, Here’s my experience of the Atherstack 5. i have a 450X Gen 3.

My observations on the Atherstack 5.

Talking about the UI it’s a nice departure from the older UI

The maps are right on the dashboard no need to click a button to view the maps

The UI feels intitutive and easy to use I like how real time throttle input is displayed inside the "Wings Of Power* on the dashboard

Real time traffic is very useful as it shows live traffic eliminating the use for a phone while riding

Sport and warp modes have become more responsive and smooth :smile:

I remember someone mentioning in feature requests that real time tyre pressure should be displayed while we are riding the 450X and thanks to the software team now we can see real time tyre pressure on the top left, Kudos to Ather for the implementation ! :slight_smile:

Bugs which i experienced.-

When I first turned on the scooter after the update it took a few minutes to load the UI

When I use the indicators the lights work fine but the beeping sound of the indicators sometimes it doesnt sync with the blinking of the indicators it beeps 2-3 seconds later after a blink

Map lags a little and it takes 5-10 seconds to show route to destination, but i hope this can be improved in future patches

Bluetooth is a hit or miss for me, I always connect it at the starting of the ride but somehow it always disconnects, music played via bluetooth only shows song info on the dashboard earlier it used to show both the info and the song picture , Hoping that this would get fixed in future patches.

Things that i would like to suggest to be added-

I really liked the sound of the boot up and seeing the logo of 450X everytime i switch on the scooter, but with this update its nowhere to be seen, i miss it though.

A refresh for the indicators sounds.

A sound for the AutoHold feature whenever it engages.

P.S -Haven’t experienced AutoHold yet. Hoping that would arrive on the 25th :slight_smile:


At the end i would like to say this is one scooter that i really look forward to ride everyday, it’s design still turns heads whenever i ride it, and the motor’s continuous wheee sound makes me even ride it more often. It’s been giving me the same enthusiasm and power since the time i test drove it and i really appreciate that :blush:.
Thank you Ather for this magnificent scooter :).

Wishing everyone on this forum a sweet wheeee rides on their Ather’s!

Cheers!!! :slight_smile:


Change of colours of ‘wings of power’ in smart eco is very impressive and more predictable of the speed it can go, than the simple blue strip on the right corner of the dash on the previous UI. And Idle drain has very much reduced😃

1.Font size :face_with_monocle:of clock should be increased.

2.Warp symbol is missing.

3.Auto theme switching :clock6: is missing.

4.Smart charging🔋 is needed instead of optimized charging…