Athers in Small Towns

I bought the Ather 450X even though I live in a town/village about 60 km from Kochi. Why? ; enthusiasm, excitement & fun that comes with owning one. And yeah, the cost of petrol too :stuck_out_tongue:

But, after going through the forum quite a bit, I did not find a topic specific to people like me, to discuss. You know, about the things a typical city user might not come across usually.

I personally would like to know more about the following, as I couldn’t figure them out alone in my head. ‘Maintenance & Service trips in & out of the nearest showroom’ ‘Response time for roadside assistance’ ‘jugaad to check tyre pressure’


Hey Hari!

Another super excited Atherian! Powli! Where are you from? I suppose touchriver.

There are many who have Ather far away from Kochi… Alpy, kollam (now has tvm near), 3shur, guruvayur, so on. 60 km is a doable range to bring to regular service or for any issues that lets you ride the scooter safely.

I suppose a few posts might be invisible and appear as you get more brownie points in the forum. That will also let you start new posts or threads.

You will not be able to call RSA since there is a 25 km radius to it. Even though not specific to Kerala, you can find posts about people who have dragged Ather to farther and higher (literally), like:

You are not alone! I’ve personally seen at least two Ather at touchriver when I traveled along there in Jan.

There is a TPMS Bluetooth device upcoming, and we do check our tyre pressure every other week with reminder. Some have one of those fancy portable tyre inflators.

Let know how things can get better on the forum too!


Hey Adrine!

Yes, I am from Thodupuzha. Thanks for that link to the post from the amazing dude who took his Ather up the Nilgiris. I guess he’s from Ooty, Coonoor or Kotagiri ?

Thanks also for your insights into how to tackle the things I wasn’t able to figure out in my head. :grin:

And yes, I have seen quite a few Athers in and around Thodupuzha. It’d be great to have a meetup. Any suggestions on how to go around with it? Also, do you think it’d make sense to start a seperate topic ‘Athers beyond Kochi suburban limits’, for people from towns like Thodupuzha, Alappey, Thrissur, Pala, Kottayam etc?



Meetups are happening occasionally based on Kochi, while our friends at Kzkd and Tvm are sure to catch up in a couple of months. Till the chat in forum is active, we are available in this Telegram group.

Once we see more action, we will use this thread to expand on the small towns.


Thanks for the group link! I have joined it. And yeah, let’s see if the forum picks up more conversations