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How do we exactly report if a grid point isn’t working? Is it available on the grid app? The Bangalore Bakery,Malleswaram , Bangalore isn’t working and there seems to be some sort of damage to the connector.

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I tried cafe azzure but i couldn’t find any charging point.

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cafe azure Kammanahalli I think has the point not the mg road one

Yes in kammanahalli only there is no such point


have you checked in the parking lot of the restaurant which is next to it In the ground cos I have seen it there many many times even last week…


Yes there is no charging stations in k r puram they must install a charging stations in this location.

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None of the grid is available

I think this is app issue @abhishek.balaji help to resolve this issue

Mostly all grid location is showing as busy…

Please relocate the Ather grid at Phoenix Mall in Whitefield to some other place they are of no use as it gets stuck at initializing and the app shows points available even when they are not working.


@abhishek.balaji this is after the latest app update 5.0.1.

Where should i go to charge ? Kindly answer.

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This is not an app thing. The locations are functioning but would show offline in the night since the hosts would open their cafes/restaurants/shops around 10 AM. If you tap on individual locations this would be indicated by “Closed” meaning that the host is closed. If it is open, the host location is open and can be used or is already in use.


You should add ather grid charging points in Jagatpura and Pratap Nagar area in jaipur and I have recently installed an ather grid at my locations in Malviya Nagar you can check there but in Jagatpura many people need one charging station atleast in jaipur so please do so fast and promote our ather grid too more …


Is there any ather charging points near Nelamangala ,Tumkur or Kunigal?? please answer.

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No , there isn’t a single one

Yes currently there are 7 ather grid points at the moment in Jaipur. Ather is trying to install as many chargers and I think we will have more than 20 chargers in Jaipur at the end of feb 2022. Ather is doing great.

wishlist of ather grid charger in jaipur

  1. sms hospital
  2. pratap nagar
  3. jagatpura
  4. near dwarkapuri
  5. model town
  6. near albert hall mueseum
  7. jhotwara
  8. in city

Else every location is covered by recently added chargers in my opinion

  1. All ather grid in current date:
  2. jyoti guest house (malviya nagar)
  3. ather space (tonk road)
  4. precision path lab (mansarovar)
  5. firewood restaurant (bapu nagar)
  6. brown bites (bhan nagar)
  7. ardas televentures (vaishali nagar)
  8. black spate (vidhyadhar nagar)

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This is great news🙂 With Hero adopting and maybe even investing in expanding available points using the same charging tech, we all benefit.


Yes it’s there but the gate is locked I asked security he told if anybody wants to charge the scooter he will open gate.

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For OEM’s charging Infra is not in any near future coz they all know that there are various brands and startups who are into charging infra but the problem is brands have to support them or at least work with them to increase the infra so that everyone can benefit.

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