AtherGrid Locations

Received below as a reply when I raised a ticket for this today morning.

“We are working on the app issues that have come up recently. We will be releasing an app update for the same within a week. These issues will be resolved once the app is updated.”

Hi, Public charger installed at IDC 80ft Road RMV 2nd Stage, the holder is broken. Please fix

Hey can you raise this as an issue through the app, email or by calling customer support? They’ll send one of the team members to get this fixed.

Can we please have an ather grid point at the Kempegowda International Airport? It will be a major help.


Yes please get this on the wish list … it will help loads of ppl … for long rides or maybe to drop /pick some 1 with no luggage


@abhishek.balaji please setup the charging points in Decathlon stores.


@abhishek.balaji Any plans for New Ather Grid locations at Arcot road, Chennai ? Maybe at Unlimited, Valasaravakkam. They have ample parking space tooo…

It’s been something we’ve been exploring for sometime. The airport parking spaces are hard to get and usually involve a tender process last time I checked, but there are now two Ather Grid locations pretty close by to the airport that you can use to top up on your way there or back.

I have personally tried charging there at the EV charging station installed by Mahindra, but even that was discontinued some time back :frowning:

Is it possible for us to charge 450X at non Ather charging points?

With the portable charger, YES.

PS: Some of the users also carry the Dot itself in the boot. Even they can charge anywhere

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All that would require a 3pin electric socket. But a charging station means it has a charger available, all we need to is just plug in the vehicle…

Well the charging plug is not standardized across EV manufacturers. This topic has been discussed in lengths historically in this forum and you can search for the same. In short, you charge your Ather in other charging station with your portable charger/DOT (if you are carrying it in boot) and if that charging station has a 3 pin socket. There have been jugaad done as well when there is no standard 3 pin is not available. You will be interested to know it if you read the entire thread. I will update this post with their links when I am on PC!

Update: How Ironic… This is indeed the thread that has all the details. You will just need to go through the posts from beginning you find the jugaads!


Lack of charging points in east bangalore towards K R Pura


@abhishek.balaji few charging New grids in Chennai are always displayed as Greyish colour in Map (attached below)

Uploading: LongScreenshot_2021-01-25-03-35-21.png…

These grids at Vanagaram, Medavakkam, Thoraipakkam, Avadi and Skywalk are available or not is a doubt and their Online status is a question mark here.??

nice idea & plZ check with metro cash & carry i think they will also allow lot ppl viist there

Please raise this through the app or customer support.

There is an ather grid at hsr layout near a bank at 24th main sector one. There are multiple athers in and around and there’s always a wait time to get ourselves charged. One more ather fast charger at other location in hsr will be of great help.

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Most of the time when I visit it’s always the people from Bank who charge it. There are 2 athers from the bank employees itself. One 450 I guess and one series 1.

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I think that problem won’t be there after the company starts charging… :wink: