Ather Tirupati Owners

This thread is for people purchasing Ather EV in Tirupati.

I have recently completed the booking and Downpayment also. Eagerly waiting for delivery (It’s extending every time😑).

So to meet like minded people here and around Tirupati, those who can share experiences and suggestions for new EV riders like me to purchase Ather.

I am still keen to learn the after sales support here in Tirupati. Kindly write in this thread if you have had experienced in Tirupati.


If Visakhapatnam is Okay then you can contact me in WhatsApp at 7569232489

Took Delivery on April 2nd

2000kms completed


Update :person_raising_hand: My Ather 450x is delivered on Wednesday and has been a pleasant experience while riding. Mostly the Warp mode is my favourite and charging is average. I wish if there was a way to add more Range to the same bike spec.

Anyways… Those who are buying in future, I have a suggestion for you. Try to book the vehicle after contacting the Ather showroom staff. They can give the actual date for Delivery.

If you book in online and don’t follow up with Ather showroom staff, then it will take very long waiting period (2 months probably). As the Ather website server takes too much time to update the Purchase process.


Just a quick question. Has anyone tried to go to tirumala on the Ather? Do they allow it?


Yes… there are some YouTube videos. I have seen one person ride both Ather 450x and Ola S1 pro.

And as far as i know, Authorities concerned will not object for electric vehicle to go up hill. You can ride in any electric vehicle if you can.


Yesterday On my Ather 450 with a pillion

All 3 tirupati 2.0 grids locations are 24/7 and outside the host premises easily accessible no gates or anything


I purchased Ather 450X 15 days ago. Kindly add me to the what’s app group of Tirupati or Chittoor.

Finally some useful gird exactly in centre between chittoor and tirupati at gadanki toll. Hotel Deccan can be used by people coming from both sides as there is no divider near toll


Hello Tirupatians, Did you guys face any reboot while driving ? Its happening more than 2 times while riding, as the motor is running, but display and modes are not working while reboot.

Message me at 7569232489 to Join Ather Owners Andhra Pradesh Group

Please add me in tirupathi owners iam from tirumala