Ather Thrissur and Palakkad Inauguration RIDE by Ather450x ARun 💚

Hello Hello Hello :zap:

I know I have my Pending Posts in Forum , Soon everything will be Completed btw this is a Rides I made from Home to Thrissur and Home to Palakkad (yet to happen)

Home to Thrissur Ride - 355.3 KMs in a Day

Okay Lets Go …

Started by 12:15 AM - 26/05/2022

From Home to Avinashi Grid

SOC while Starting 100% After Reaching SOC 75% (20 KMs Covered)

Reached by 12:45 AM and Its bit Slow Charger So Charged till 1:30 AM Then Departed to Navakarai Grid 70 KMs from here

Avinashi Grid ::green_heart:

And Now Started from Avinashi Grid

With Soc 92% After Reaching Navakarai 2% :sweat_smile:

I rode bit rough So only :zap:

Started Charging by 3 AM

Donno when it got full because , I took a Nap and Its expended till 5:30 AM :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Navakarai Grid ::green_heart:

And by 5:30 AM Started from Navakarai to Alathur Toll Gate

Soc was Full and

To be Honest :rofl: I forget my 15 A to 5 A Convertor

So I called one of Cbe’s 450+ Customer lives in Kanjikode nearby Palakkad by 2:30 AM He still responded me

And Met him by 6:30 AM then Got the 5A Convertor

While Reaching Alathur (65 KMs from Navakarai)

Soc left was 35% by 7:30 AM , Yep I took 2 hrs to Complete 65 KMs since i m tired and bit sleepy

Charged One hr here it went like 60% in a Hr from 35%

Started towards Thrissur Ather Space and Reached by 9:30 AM

1 hr for 35 KMs :green_heart:

Ather Space Thrissur : :green_heart:

Inauguration Ceremony : :zap::rocket:

High Tea : :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Ather Thrissur Team : :zap:

Mr Navas CRE from Thrissur AEC : :handshake:

Mr Shijin 450+ User from CBE , Who helped me at Kanjikode by giving 15 A - 5 A Convertor Plug

Return Journey Started by 1:30 PM

With SoC 95%

Toward Palakkad Ather Space

While Reached Palakkad Soc was 18% by 3:30 PM

Started Charging there with my DoT since works were pending for Grids :handshake:

Ather Space Palakkad : :bouquet:

Then Started from Palakkad AEC by 5:10 PM with 55% SoC

Since Works going cant do Proper Charge , I also accepted for that :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::green_heart: We Ather Fam !!

Reached Navakarai Grid by 6:05 PM - 30 KMs from AEC Palakkad

Started Charging by 6:15 PM with 12%

And Had a Coffee at A2B

Charged till 92% by 7:30 PM Then Started from there to Avianshi Grid (60 KMs from here)

After Crossing 40 KMs in a 45 Mins Stopped from a Quick break of 15 Mins

Then Started and Reached Avianshi by 9 PM with 15% Soc

This is the Most Efficient and with Speed

Coz Crossed 60 KMs in 1 Hr 15 Mins used 77% for 60 KMs :hot_face::rocket::zap:

Then Here after No Urgeeess as my Home just 20 KMs left

Charged here from 9 PM till 9:50 PM 18% to 80%

Then Started to Home

20 KMs in 25 Mins - Soc was 44%

Home Trip B Display :

End of Thrissur Ride , Stay Tuned for Palghat Ride

Which is about to Happen :sweat_smile:


We 3 of em from Coimbatore Community went to Palghat Showroom Opening on 28-05-2022 Evening 5 PM

It was Nice meet with Palakkad Team

We had a Chance to Explain the Vehicle Experience with the Team Palakkad AEC.

I donno why i cant upload more pics here but we have Uplaoded em to Instagram ID of Coimbatore Community - named as @ather_owners_coimbatore_tn on Instagram :green_heart:


Grid really helping reducing charging time. And odometer very close to 30,000km. Good rides.


Yeah bro , Here after Easily I can cruise from Home to Kochi or Home to Kannur

Without the Help of DOT or PC Chargers

Even Grids are down I can take Pc from Showrooms , No need to Carry mine :hot_face:


Hey, can you try to include ride stats as well, later? It would be a good indication of range when driving in warp efficiently vs driving in warp without conservation.

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Bro but Ride states are not full , Patchy Patchy since i stopped a bit bit for Rest 🥹