Ather Space now in Mumbai!

Hey @Mumbai

Do drop by if you’re around for the opening of Ather Space in Mumbai!


This is excellent news. I have already booked mine. :+1:

Congratulations and keep it going…

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Good news for Mumbai Keep going and expand your network.

Hey folks in @Mumbai here’s a sneak peek of Ather Space in Linking Road. Such an amazing response today for the opening!


I loved the new showroom also then my booking rather paid my amount and waiting for the delivery anxiously…

Is the battery put into a tank of mineral oil?!!!

That’s just water

So this is why the fish tank at Bengaluru EC disappeared!.


Soon this will also disappear. It is going to city to city with Tarun.:joy:

Are those branded merchandise (black riding jackets) I see in the inauguration photos on Instagram? :scream:

Don’t seem to be Ather branded merchandise. Those are Alpinestar riding jackets.

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Dude they are just for display basis currently and it will be replace with Ather riding jackets and many more accessories will replaced. Really loved Mumbai EC and As usual meeting @tarun was an amazing experience whenever you talk to this guy he is so gentle and always positive about answering any questions thrown to him. Love this guy :star_struck:. Setting an great example to future generations.

Best wishes to Ather Team. Keep going :ok_hand:


Yes. I have seen him talk during announcements,Q and A and interviews on YouTube and stuff. It’s amazing. Looking forward to meet him during the Indore launch.

@abhishek.balaji Namaste. This showroom looks perfect now. I visited on the 26th Dec work was in progress. Came out so beautifully. Visiting again this month end. #Ather Upgrades each day. Glad to see all the pics.

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Went, met and rode it home :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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