Ather Space, now in JP Nagar!

Hey folks,

Our second experience Center in Bengaluru is now open! If you’re nearby, do drop by for a visit!


This is so cool. I’ll visit just to have a quick look. Also,there was talk of another service centre /lab attached to this EC, is it true?


Yes, there is a service centre too in this EC (in the basement). While Indiranagar EC is a company run setup, this JPNagar EC is run by a dealer. Hence there is no lab.


Where exactly is it in JP Nagar any landmark

These are 3 photos that I took 2 months ago when it was under contruction

It is located here - between Tata Cha and Sri Venkateshwara Sweet meat stall on the ORR opposite the 17th main HP petrol bunk.


Does it have any charging points? I assume that since its an EC it would.

Great location. If there’s a charging station I will be spoilt for choice while waiting for my ride to charge up. Should I get tea or should I get sweets? :joy::joy::joy:


Location added in Google maps ?

I’ve added but Google doesn’t want to approve mine…not sure why. Till then use the pin location I’ve given in the above post of mine


A bit surprising though that despite multiple people giving feedback about the Kannada text, Ather went for ಎಥರ್ instead of ಏಥರ್. While I understand Hindi has only ए and no ಎ versus ಏ, I was hoping they would take local sensitivities and nuances into consideration and do a spellcheck at least before launch, instead of throwing open a center with a typo in its name :sweat_smile:


292, Outer Ring Rd

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And even more surprising when they’ve corrected the name in Telugu in the new vishakapatnam EC. It was ఏతర్ and they corrected it to ఏథర్. You are right, in Kannada it should be ಏಥರ್ and not ಎಥರ್



@abhishek.balaji, just curious. Any particular reason Ather stuck to this spelling? I know this was called out on the Forum earlier too. So I am assuming there must have been a rationale for why the team went for the IPA equivalent of [e] instead of [eː].