Ather Smart Helmet

How does the Ather smart helmet look like? What are the smart features we can expect? excitement loaded!!!


It is not ready and takes time .

It’ll be revealed later.

It’s going to launch on end of April already knew it, I’m discussing about what are the crazy smart features going to rolled up and how it’s shape will be, to discussion on it created this topic in my view expecting heads up display like that everyone have some crazy ideas on the smart helmet before there going to launch have a talk about it’s features

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These are things I look forward to:

  1. Bluetooth (duh!)
  2. HUD for speed and maps
  3. Dolby speakers
  4. Built in helmet cam with live streaming capability
  5. Crash protection airbags
  6. Voice integration (to order swiggy while driving home)
  7. ADAS/Lane departure warning
  8. Jarvis connectivity, incase one needs to save the world while stick in Silkboard

Nice to have:

  1. Solar self charging
  2. Starlink antenna for future satellite internet
  3. Ideally fit all the above features into the nazi (German soldier) type helmet so I don’t have to remove my glasses to put on/take off the helmet.

I won’t say it’s just cool, it’s fired up​:fire::fire::fire:


I think it’ll have a cooling fan just like ather dot to cool our brains :laughing:

Moving at the turbo speed of 5kmph under rain and traffic in Bangalore is challenging enough without the display elements sir. PS: If you are stuck at silk board, you sir needed saving. Not the world :wink:


For this helmet you have to pay again a price of 450X !!!

Is there any thread or post about the legalities around selling and using a Bluetooth helmet. From what I understand. Earphones should not be allowed to be used while riding. There isn’t a straightforward rule. But it is imposed under some Motor vehicle act which says any sort of distraction to the rider is illegal.
I understand the difference between a headphone and a BT helmet and how the latter is safer, but can the cops technically pull you over and fine you for using one ?

If they started implementing this, OLA, Uber, Swiggy, Zomato, Dunzo, India Post, and 1 out of every 3 bike rider in the country will get fined.

They did implement it. I think a couple of years ago. So many people got pulled over and fined for using earphones. (in Bengaluru)

It’s very very vague for now. Comes under distracted driving in most cases. Check this:


Limit the maximum volume.

From what I remember, the rule is that anything that BLOCKS the ears is not ‘street-legal’. Since in a bluetooth helmet the earpiece is embedded into the inner surface and does not cut off the outside noises, there should not be any issue, I guess?

Nonetheless, no harm in checking with BLR TP. Lemme do that :slight_smile:

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Well, how would they know it’s a BT helmet. I mean it would be shaped exactly the same and look the same as a regular helmet from the outside.

Also a lot of people I know wear wireless buds inside the helmet. So, in theory the smart helmet would function a little like that no?

Yes. This is true. But i think they amended the rules to allow mobile phone based maps and such. So, if you say the BT helmet is providing voice commands for the route, it could be a loophole or something? Idk.