Ather should add remote honking system

It will be great if Ather give honking option in the app to locate scooter… Via OTA update


I think reportedly they’re already working on “Welcome Home Lights”. Your flight will flash lights for you when you are around it in some radius. It works with your phone bluetooth.


They should probably work on bluetooth connectivity issues first to make “welcome home lights” to work


Yes there should be automatic connection with phone but whenever i took the scooter i have to connect the phone first.

The connectivity is so pathetic as we need to manually connect the 450x always and even sometimes it doesn’t get connected to the Ather app and if gets connected we cannot use the multimedia option like skipping the song stopping the music by press self+indicator turn switch and even doesn’t pops up the caller name when a call arrives and if it pops out also and on receiving the call it remains on the screen even after disconnecting the call these bugs will get fixed when ??? I guess they are not working at all on all of these as these hardware change and that will cost the customer another hefty bucks to spend on, or else they are never late to release newer improved OTA for all of these bugs happening… I will simply say that its not at all smart scooter as this needs to manually to be connected to the smartphone or else once in a bluemoon it gets auto connected if you had launched the Ather App somewhile before the ride say 10-15mins automatically… or else even oneplus bullets earphones are smarter atleast those gets connected once we detach the earplugs from the magnet attached automatically to the smartphone within 2-4secs.

If all of you agree do support what I wrote or else they won’t ever take any serious action against updating the firmware, as we paid so much for this electric scooter their shouldn’t be any delay in support and yes stop all those natak nautanki Ather walon giving subscription pacakage make it a individual app for all so that they can track their own purchased vehicle themselves its not we are watching Netflix or Prime Videos… once a vehicle is lost I will always blame Ather coz the GPS system is present and we are not avail to track our vehicle instead it’s a straight support to the theifs from the team Ather. Make everything open and transparent we won’t live forever let us enjoy upto what is possible and can be free after we pay so much of amount for a scooter… They say made in india will cost low I see made in india is just a name sake but its assembled in india rest parts get imported from china only and yes again costs damn high in india, this is the real local ka vocal.

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Just thinking out loud. Is it possible to add a feature to find vehicle (let’s say in mall parking) from Ather app just like finding airtag with an iphone ?

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