Ather plus discontinued ?

I visited one of Ather showrooms and I was said mostly they are selling Ather X and not Ather plus . Plus was not available for demo too. I was looking for Ather plus . One of things I heard there is Ather plus might be discontinued. In that case I might issues getting spares in 5 years from now assuming I will use the bike at-least 7 years . Does company or any one have any info ?


There is no visual difference between the X and the Plus. 450 Plus is very much there


Hardware wise it is very similar to 450X. The software limits the number of modes, and total battery capacity is smaller compared to x. Everything else is the same.


As Per the Ather official website, you can book an Ather 450 Plus. Just Book it online by paying the advance and visit the showroom

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Both scooter are similar battery And moter aslo similar software and difference only

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Okay one of showrooms I visited was selling only X and I when asked for plus they said they will get it when informed before and the reason for doing so is plus might be discontinued soon. If that was case I might face issues with vehicle parts in case needed in 3-4 years from now.

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Not problem with part s you only face the problem with insurance company because when you go for insurance they insured the x model not plus when you go for claim the company not provide you

Do you own 450Plus? Was your insurance claim denied? How do you say that the insurance company won’t provide claim for 450Plus?

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Because i am working in insurance company they finding clue for not providing the claim

Because your model requested as a Ather x not Plus Ola know this problem that’s why they told the coustomer S1 update to S1 pro