Ather Patents New Scooter Design In India

How true is this?:point_up_2:t3::roll_eyes:

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I did not like the outlook design of this scooter.

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Don’t believe in this story guys. Its from gaadiwaadi. Not trustworthy at all.

If this design by ather they will definitely loose the market. It looks like dabba … some one penetrate into the design team to bring down the company profit.

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Well, it would definitely fit my theory that ather is reducing performance of the 450X to ‘gently nudge’ people to buy the newer model. Similar to a multinational company that rhymes with ‘chapel’


Ather’s upcoming electric scooter patent image leaked - BikeWale

There is jo way this model is ather’s one . May be hawks.

Only caveat with that thinking is that the new model very likely might be the ‘lite’ version that Ather has been making very obscure references to over the past year. If so, it would not be in any company’s interests to downgrade a user from regular to light model by reducing functionality. As you rightly pointed out, this technique is used by a famous company that sells ‘fruits’; but upward push, and not push towards cheaper models…


Key word being ‘likely’.