Ather Ownership transfer to non serviceable area(yet)


I own an Ather 450 and am eligible for Series 1. I would like to upgrade my 450 to Series 1 rather than keep both vehicles. However, following are the cases that hit the pause button for me:

  1. I bought Ather 450 at Bangaore(KA registration) and thanks to Corona, now staying at Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu.
  2. I am interested in Series 1 and would prefer it more than 450X(No offense to 450X but translucent body is hypnotizing, in my case)
  3. I would be more than happy to confirm my upgrade to Series 1
  4. Getting it in Coimbatore would mean I will get TN registration but when I go back to Bangalore, transfer duty has to be done in both RTO. Which I prefer to avoid.

Hence, this post, as suggested by @abhishek.balaji in today’s Zoom meet about the Upgrade.

Any one can help me out in this?

NOTE: I am going to write mail to the customer care to see whether there are any potential buyers for 450 here in Coimbatore. Since I am in Coimbatore now, I cannot get the Health Certificate but I am very much using the vehicle as well as the Vehicle has Service Plan. So, as a shameless marketing message, if any one interested in buying my 450, message me.

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Doubt you will have a very difficult time finding a buyer at CBE. I suggest posting OLX/Facebook Groups.

Also, don’t forget that 15th Jan is the last date to make payment for your Bengaluru Series 1 order.

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Share details of the 450 and the price As I m looking for one I could pick it from coimbatore