Ather One Subscription plans

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Yet another renewal reminder snafu :man_facepalming:t2:

Come on Ather, I know you are better than this…

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Thanks for flagging this! Looks like some emails got stuck in a traffic jam at our email provider’s end. We’ll have this fixed in the next couple of days.


Thanks for the clarification! Good to know Ather is not at fault :smiley:

Hey, How does one register for the reimbursement of the home charging electricity consumption? I have subscribed to the connect pro plan.

That plan is no longer available. It came as part of Ather 360 which is now discontinued.

Where is the link to renew the subscription plan

Once you login to your Account, you’ll find it in the manage subscriptions section

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When is the Home charging reimbursement expected for Q42020 @abhishek.balaji?

It was triggered from our side yesterday, check your bank account for the credit? It could take a few working days to show up in some cases.

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I received yesterday

while buying ather 450, i got 1 year free Ather service plan, which gets expired in feb-21. what is the procedure to continue the subscription after expiry of the current one.

There is no option to upgrade that plan. There are only two new plans Ather Service And Ather Connect if you need them. More details on the forum and the website


Hey @abhishek.balaji, I still haven’t received it. Could you please check this? It’s not the amount but I want to make sure that the ride statistics sync issue that I have since many months (or any other issue :crossed_fingers:t4:) isn’t the reason behind this.

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Hi, Maybe i found a security bug in Ather, Where should i report it ? And i also need some help regarding it, hope Ather will like to solve it !

You can email it to them or reach out to @abhishek.balaji


You can also post under the relevant OS update thread.

It is this currently 🚀 Atherstack Dropkick 10.4.0

It’s critical and should not be posted publically :sweat_smile:.